Asobo bespoke airport KSEA (Seattle) Rwy 16C invisible object wreaks havoc

Landed PMDG 737-700 on Rwy 16C and during rollout, aircraft suddenly strikes invisible object and bounds (jumps) upward (see video clip 45 seconds from YouTube). Happens TWICE in the rollout. No idea how to fix. Sim Asobo Bespoke KSEA 0.1.73

Note aircraft landed at or near reference speed of 133 kts with flaps 40, NO INPUT on yoke after touchdown. Not ‘bouncing’ after a hard landing (note rollout is smooth until invisible object is struck).

I tried removing and then reinstalling, no joy. Note: Also tried using add-on payware Orbx KSEA airport, no invisible object problem on 16C, so it is clearly a defect in the default Asobo airport IMHO. Sadly, Orbx KSEA has its own issues with disconnected ‘stand alone’ jetways…

Invisible object in Rwy 16C at Asobo KSEA

There is an existing bug logged for this: