Asobo-I think you are getting close

Asobo - I think you are getting closer. To qualify - again, no manual on AP or FMS/C System, but!

  1. Gripper Sim has an X-Plane video which is year old, And I watched it twice. He specifically deals with the Zibo 737, ah, but it’s the same FMS/C system in the MSFS 787 and 747. So here is what I did.
  2. Setup flight from KMGE to KJAN (Dobbins AFB to Jackson, MS Intl-ARB in 747. I created flight plan in the world map. Parked plane at large cargo ramp at KMGE, went through “my checklist I created and posted on this forum”, turned on stuff. Went into FMS/C and added in the things World Map leaves out, so the plane actually knows what to do better. It really wants some things WM leaves out; those things make it work better.
  3. Got taxied and took off, achieved 3000 AGL, turned on AP, after having already enabled LNAV and VNAV-Auto Throttle, etc. on the ground. Plane immediately turned to course and flew it all the way in to my desired RW, I did verify the ILS Nav was set, and the RW course was set. I had to add some other stuff, angle of descent, stuff like that. I took over approach/landing about 1 mile out, pulling master AP kill switch button to disengage AP system.
  4. We are getting closer to real life, with several hundred gotchs, which are almost continuous calls to other planes to immediately ascend or descent to assigned altitude, me included. The ATC changed my selected altitude from FL235 to FL240 and then after I went to it, kept telling me to get to it, as I checked into other centers, reporting the altitude I was at, FL240, they still kept telling me to ascend to FL240. More work needed on ATC, lots more.
  5. I had just about given up on this sim, after logging thousands of landings/takeoffs, ILS approaches from FS-95 to this one, and finally, I was able to complete one just like the plan. I did create a plan in Navigraph, but did not put it in, since WM created one. None of my Waypoints showed up in the WM plan except my final approach transition and the RW I selected, LS RWY 34L. That worked fine.
    Believe some of the processes in FMC/S system are not right on the money with the BA system, but you are getting closer. Don’t know if work was done on it this for this update.
    The most impressive thing is, my GPU temps are between 64 and 70C, a 14-16 degree drop since previous update.
    I am going to assume, 787 will do it too, since the FMS/C-AP system is the same in both planes.
    Finally, I don’t feel like I’m stupid, the “plan which was programed” actually worked. Still, I think an FMS/C and AP manual which is downloadable would be nice. Oh, sure, my descent plan in FMS/C was not deep enough, so overrode it with VLC and spoilers as plane did slow down once descent was started. Again, if I knew more on FMS/C, I could in flight make changes, and fix those things. But all in all, this was the most enjoyable flight I have had in this sim since release, aside from doing rolls in F-14 at 50,000 agl.
    Things which have not worked for me since sim was released. Sim Rate, Keyboard “R”, does not do one thing. Trying Shift + R, nope, ALT + R, nope. I am not going to do as one poster said, take off sim and re download, because that is 6 days with my slow internet.
    Although this should have worked from release, you are getting closer, how about that manual, that would be nice. Getting closer Asobo, well done.

Not even close to real life on take-off and landing with tail-draggers among other things.

Asobo is way off the mark with the physics.

And yes, I do have real-world tail-dragger experience.


“Not even close to real life on take-off and landing with tail-draggers among other things”

But which simulator is? Real life is real life.


Sorry but its still miles away in some areas. Just take one example the G172., If I start it cold and dark, I pre-trim for take off to a very specific point on the scale (line aligned with the letter E in the word TAKE) and it takes off as expected. Start a flight with engine running and the plane on the runway and trim the same way, it noses up and stalls bizarrely. My controls have not changed, what has is the apparent pre-selected trim state of the aircraft, it differs depending on how the flight is started with the exact same in aircraft take off trim and (my hardware) control settings.

And why so much rudder to keep the thing straight on the runway? The forces pulling the aircraft to one side are hugely exaggerated and not realistic. That’s just one plane and a relatively simple one.

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After 19 days do you think anyone from Asobo actually read this? I don’t see any comments or likes from anyone from Asobo or Microsoft?

Exactly, it is not read. Especially if it is a bit “lengthy”. I suspect that the only thing that really gets any attention is a vote where hundreds or thousands of customers are complaining about the very same BUG.

I have, personally, submitted a bug ticket to Zendesk 3 times for the same thing since the sim was released. There has never been any action on my bug ticket. BUT, I still love the sim and that is what is is about, customers Buying the product. PERIOD

Hmm, suspect you are correct, find my post “Are we even here” and read that one as well. Then I posted some hardware stuff, but it’s an XP-12 aimed Video, regardless, it deals with Intel, Nvidia and DDR4/5 memory. Information which could and more than likely does have bearing on this sim. I got counseled on not to mix the sims. The moderator missed the point. WHICH IS, NO ONE FROM MS/Asobo Has made any videos, provided any technical specifications other than a one sheet specifications on this sim. Yet, marginal hardware platforms run it fine, and TOP OF THE LINE MACHINES, faulter getting it to download. THEY DO NOT CARE, Money Talks and everything else walks. Getting Close to the latter. According to one Plane developer, sim has multiple layers of bugs, which they ignore, and are more worried about thier schedule instead of quality. Nuff Said.

I think ATC will be getting “close” when they issue heading commands, coming in on arrival.

Even ATC has some fundamental issues. For a start it badly needs options within IFR flights to request an emergency descent if icing occurs. Yes there are decent and ascent commands at some stages of an IFR flight, not that they work that well, but not always. If you are nearing the approach stages these altitude commands disappear.

And being at 7000 feet requesting a decent of altitude of 4000 feet does not equal a request to descend to 4000 feet but sometimes ATC apparently thinks it does. It needs specific clear target altitudes, (request to descend to 3000 feet for example) not ascent by so many feet or descend by so many feet because the system doesnt handle the calculations properly.

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