Asobo/Microsoft... Let's Move On From Install Issues (How to see top votes?)

Now that the install issues should be “fixed” with latest patch, I’m hoping tomorrow’s update will provide us with next steps on future fixes…

Can we, the users, see what the most voted topics are? I love that we can vote, just haven’t figured out how to sort what is the highest voted topics, etc.

Really ready for some new marketplace stuff and new fixes to live weather, performance, etc.

Thanks Asobo!


Wherever you are reading in the forum, click on one of the category group tags associated with a post. Then on the new page, if it doesn’t already show at least in part, pick Self-Service category group, and then, depending on what you’re interested in, pick either Bugs & Issues or Wishlist subcategories. Then click on the VOTE button. The voting in your view should be sorted from most to least. My Votes button will show you what you’ve voted on.


Aha! Got it. Thank you JALxml!