Asobo & Microsoft. Please Listen

Why are we saying “please listen” when this is days from launch? The NDA for testers is still in full effect so I won’t bother mentioning specifics, but we have been communicated to quite well. Watch the Twitch Q&A, they have heard us, and are acting on these issues. Not to mention the ample amount of update posts to the main page prior.

This is a massive platform which very likely takes a colossal effort of collaboration between manufacturers, dev teams, and other third parties involved. Why can’t we just have a little patience? I’ve noticed a lot of comparisons to X-Plane and P3d but little mention of how long it actually took those platforms to get there.

I’m all game for wanting these issues to be resolved (though personally I have no problem with the camera system so I can’t relate to that one), but patience is key.


An NDA is still in effect after release?


Cameras? How about the CPU’s pegged at 100% and FPS dipping to levels unseen?


#1 issue is camera.

Yes. Anything to do with the Alpha and Beta are under NDA.

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Yes. As per the Community Guidelines.

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If what I’ve written has broken the NDA I apologize without reservation.
I also accept, and mentioned so in my post, that there are many with issues and cannot get into the air. My post is in now way intended to minimize those issues and I fully understand the frustrations many are experiencing. If I’ve offended anyone again I apologize without reservation.
However, the two issues I have pulled up are ones that I know are impacting significantly on many players / simmers, myself included.
My motives here are simple; to try to contribute to the community, help others and to enjoy this incredible ride.
Thank You.


Other then the initial install issues these are the problems that are annoying me right now.

#1 Autopilot settings seemed to get bugged after changing multiple settings after landing and then taking off for another flight, it just ends up doing it’s own thing which will end in a crash.

#2 Invisible terrain issues even with the highest possible terrain settings especially while flying low. There’s also black lines showing in many places where the terrain tiles meet up while flying above and then close / connect when getting closer, I’ve mostly been flying in Australia and some NZ so not sure if this is everywhere. It breaks the immersion a bit sadly as everything else looks so good.

#3 Live weather seems to be bugged like has been reported in various places now.

#4 When I tried the bush trips the game seemed to have a constant stutter every so often, when I have done open world flights with either direct flight paths or none at all I mostly haven’t had this issue apart from some flights while landing the sim started to constantly stutter yet was fine in the air seconds before landing. After awhile and taking off again seemed to clear the issue.


I think the camera system is one of the best things in the game. The drone camera is really amazing and powerful, especially with an Xbox controller.


Trim is completely out of control for me.

I touch something, it goes way off, can’t set it back, and none of the bindings on the joystick for trim do anything. It’s default setup T16000M.


Why do people think the camera system is bad? Just because it is different, does not make it bad. I actually enjoy it far better than FSX/P3D/X-Plane.


I have my xbox controller plugged in specifically for the drone camera, i think it is brilliant and very useable.


Thanks for sharing this, I’ll have to try that out myself.

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Using an Xbox controller for the drone is the ONLY way to do it – it’s amazing. Like having a 2nd plane to fly anywhere you want


I agree. I think everyone should buy themselves an old USB Xbox 360 controller to make the best use of the drone camera, because it’s truly incredible.

While it would be slightly more difficult, I think it would still be very usable with mouse and keyboard too. It seems that most of the frustrations stem from having to map controls? If that’s the case, flight simming might not be for you haha


LOL, 3rd day trying to download fs-base-0.1.64.fspatch.001, and I don’t even have a bad Internet connection…

Well the more you know :slight_smile:

I don’t find it very usable with the mouse when the entire mouse axis does not appear to be utilized in the drone camera at all.

They could have easily provided the smoothest, easiest, FPS quality 360 movement and panning on the drone camera via mouse. Instead, it’s completely unused, and we are like “Even though you aren’t flying with one… plug in a controller.”. Like my mouse, keyboard, joystick, throttle, and who knows what else is not enough peripherals already.

I think the cameras are more a matter of preference. I know I need plenty of time to learn the new cameras and drone mode before I can decide. I think there’s a lot of knee jerk reaction to the changes. I, myself, sure had a strong negative reaction to the quick look HAT functionality! Once I determined I could change it, now I’m experimenting with the default setups. Even if it doesn’t pan out, I appreciate that they’ve reimagined the cameras. That’s the only way to get innovation.

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Yes! Same here. I searched forum for this issue. Your post came up. What’s up with the trim!? I’m not a real world pilot. Used to Xplane 11’s trim. This one is different on all planes. Does nothing for while, then BAM – You’re off into outer space! I don’t get it. Mapped to buttons on my Hotas One.