(Asobo) PC-6 Porter - typical cruise settings?

To my surprise I really enjoy the Porter PC-6 (I actually think it’s a hideous plane…) but I’m not quite sure how to fly it properly.

I found a real POH, and the Milviz P3D POH but I still don’t quite know what typical cruise settings are. I noticed it’s very very easy to overspeed (i.e. exceed 115kts) so my typical cruise off the top of my head is about 50% prop, 50% throttle, and the 3rd lever on high idle. This way I’m roughly in the ballpark of the stated cruise speed, but I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Can anyone who has more experience with the PC-6 explain how you typically use the 3 levers during the normal flight phases realistically?

Edit: Found a pretty good explanation here: power - condition - propeller levers - Thranda Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter - X-Plane.Org Forum, so the prop lever can be left as is, the condition lever is high idle pretty much all of the time so you can just adjust throttle for desired speed.

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Typically the engine is flown with 2000 RPM, lever full fwd. But for pax and ground noise being less, you can reduce to 1900 RPM for CLB and 1800 RPM for CRZ.
For take-off and climb you can use the max TQ 47.3 psi, but lower it prior to changing RPM.
The max CRZ data I have for max GW are 125 IAS for low FL to 100 IAS at FL150. This results in a TAS of about 130 for typical FL.

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Ah good to know, thanks, so 125 IAS is acceptable when flying low and not-so-slow too.

I think it’s yellow in the sim already but if if would be flown RL I’ll fly it in sim too, hah.

The yellow range is defined as caution range. This means you should not fly in that speed range when you expect turbulences requiring large control inputs. It is perfectly fine to fly up to the red line in calm conditions. This is typically done when you have dropped parachutist and you want to decent back to the airport.