Asobo Pilatus PC-6 missing rudder trim

Yes, it’s a bad joke against the milviz. Nice look, but that is all.

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It took me a while to figure out how to unlock the control stick. Dumb, but OK to realism. Click mid way down the control stick to lock, unlock.

But, yeah, power on and avionics come on.
The switches to the left is kind of questionable but functional.

Yeah but the switch doesn’t stay toggled off, not sure if that’s working as intended.

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Starting from a parking space cold and dark, start the engines, talk to ATC, get my clearances, disengage parking brake, give the plane some throttle…

Nothing happens.

Full throttle. Still nothing. Looks at the checklist. Empty.

Start from the end of a runway, engines running, add throttle and away we go.

/face desk

Someone please tell me how this gets released in this condition?

Edit: this is on Xbox Series X


Fuel valve bottom left

Quickview 120°left moves camera only 10° left

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Fuel Valve does not work… You can cut it, but the engine is still running forever.

Same can be said for the thrust reverse and prop reverse/feather. They also dont work or there are no bindings for them!

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Assuming they even have QC :joy::joy:

thats easy, there isnt a proper one…that costs money, you know.
i am really really apalled at the lack of quality of these updates again and again.


Exactly. I had a quick go in the PC-6 without the checklist (can’t use it in VR due to another bug). Not familiar with the aircraft so for the first time in MSFS I used Ctrl+E to start to save myself time… except the autostart didn’t turn on the fuel valve…

Strangely, the aircraft started ‘cold & dark’ in a parking space but with all the switches on - lights, avionics, beacon… pretty much everything set to on (except the engine/fuel).

Back in the menu in the My Hangar view, the beacon is even flashing there - that’s a first!

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The steam gauge version of the plane has no gust lock in the cockpit, but the control surfaces are locked and don’t move when you move the stick. There doesn’t seem to be a way to unlock them.

The glass cockpit version has the lock in the cockpit and correctly unlocks both the stick and the control surfaces when you toggle it.


I especially like the automatic rear wheel lock. XD

Seriously now, just had a wild discussion here.
Super hornet video - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
I don’t know any without the lock. Was there any? I mean, the bike is steered via the pedals.

The same goes for the trim indicator, which can be found on every model with electrical trim.

Try and find the Tailwheel steering lock that the PC-6 should have. Milviz managed to fit one

Apparently it is not needed if you fly in Easy mode which the sim defaults to.


I have the Milviz as well, but wanted to give the floats a go since that’s not out on the MV bird yet. Unfortunately the aircraft spins to the right on startup. Also when taxiing on the water, it kept acting like it was weather-vaning and no matter how much opposite pedal I gave it with the water rudders down, it didn’t matter.

Winds were 0 kts at the time, so it has to be something else… Used the 172 as a control and it can taxi around normally.

Well, that’s prolly so by design. Last thing MS wants to do is take away business opportunities for third parties…

Sure. But then just communicate with them and release something that doesn’t compete, rather than a half baked version of the same aircraft.

Has Beta mode been modelled? The Porter is not great as a skydive jump plane if this doesn’t work. Milviz need to release their steam gauges version…

Works fine here. Do the switches not move or you not getting an expected action?

There’s something very wrong with the flight model of this plane, the weather model, or both.

I took off with a 6 knot crosswind from the right (max demonstrated crosswind for the PC-6 is 20 knots), and even full left rudder augmented by propeller torque, p-factor and propwash (prop turns clockwise so the turning tendency is to the left) was barely enough to keep the plane from going off the right side of the runway.

After liftoff, the plane would continue drifting to the right (into the wind) even with full left rudder.