ASOBO Pilatus Porter - Turbo or Turbo Prop?

Is the Asobo Pilatus Porter a Piston + Turbo or Turbo Prop Model ?

Wondering why it has that strange Piston Logo on it’s tail ?

Maybe something like this might have been more appropriate


Oh please. Can’t we stow that rant?
The fact that Asobo planes are comparetively simple is mainly due to cost. Developing good aircraft is very expensive and time-consuming. So expecting a so-called “study-level” plane, which on the free market will easily fetch 40-60,-€, for free is simply not realistic. And in a package that costs 120,-€ with 20 aircraft PLUS the whole simulator in it, how can anyone expect anything but simple aircraft, which will be good enough for probably 70-80% of users who will never log on to this forum and will never know that the aircraft is missing something, because they only have basic knowledge about aircraft or are beginners.

Also this is nothing new. Almost all stock aircraft in MSFS ever, as well as basically all XPlane aircraft weren’t exactly study level. So if anyone doesn’t like the FREE Asobo Porter, they can spend 40,-€ (which is 1/3rd the price of the WHOLE MSFS package) on the one from Milviz and stop complaining.


Because the early versions of the PC-6 were all piston powered. Later they were replaced with turboprop engines, of which the latest one the PT6A


Great point. Note that there are a lot of people that are in simming since 10, 20, 30 years, that are participating actively in this forum, that create sceneries etc but who just don’t want to dig into a 10 mn checklist and complex aircraft management and so that this level of detailed aircraft is much enough to fly, simulate main procedures and explore the world!


Good point!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Yeah, I’m one of them most of the time.

So why would a Turbo prop have a " made up" Piston Logo on its Tail, unless the Artist thought the plane depicted was a Piston Plane fitted with a Turbo, and nobody else caught the obvious misunderstanding between a “Piston Turbo” and a “Turbo Prop”

So, its not a Big Deal, but is indicative of lacking attention to simple detail.

OR – is the Asobo plane really a Piston Model ? in which case, I am badly mistaken.

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Me too! Started in 97, a lot in scenery design, exploring the world in the most remote areas, doing classic airliners route (would have loved to be such pilot type) but don’t like too complexe aircrafts to operate.

For the graphic on the tail, I guess there is a story behind it. One time Asobo could do special portraits of its aircrafts development and we could learn thoses sdetails

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No it’s the turboprop.

Or it’s an homage to the original design. Who knows.
I think it’s kind of a big assumption it is done out of oblivion.

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The aircraft is powered by a PWC PT6A or possibly a Garrett TPE 331 turboprop engine. The turboprop engines are typically longer than a standard piston engine. So, if you see an extended nose on the aircraft, it’s a good chance there’s a turboprop engine powering it.

Hope this helps,


What the heck. Motorcyle clubs use similar symbols all the time, and their bikes don’t have wings either, so no need to make a drama of that little inaccuracy.

Or we could just say, that during the days of the first original Porters there was a group of pilots. They called themselves the “Turbo Porters” and adapted this logo. Of course it was kept till today for nostalgical reasons. Just like BMW kept their logo depicting a rotating propeller even though they haven’t build aircraft engines for decades. :slight_smile:


Just like Pieter1982NL & OliveBeast20441 says, it’s a turboprop. It is a PT6 engine, that has been seriously derated b/c the airframe can’t take the speed.

It’s a turboprop of course. The piston PC6s had a shorter nose.

You’re questioning it over the logo on the tail? :rofl: Just think of that virtual company having a fleet of cubs etc and this is their first turboprop for the fleet. Not gonna change your company name or logo for that are ya? :wink:

Archer, usually I appreciate your inteventions, but this time you’re completely out of subject.
I only answered N6722C’s question and made a comment about the piston on tail of a turboprop plane, nothing more, nothing less.
I’m also a user who prefers flying rather than loosing time to study handbooks and procedures. And even if you’re mostly right, I repeat your speech is not on the point I talked about and I was not complaining at all.
Rather a French sense of humour…
And I maintain they are arcade games developers, it’s not a shame, simply they should increase their knowledge on airplanes and differences between a pure game and a general public simulator.

P.S. And I won’t spend any cent for the Milviz’s PC6, I’m waiting for the FSG one

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No, they are generally shorters, depending on the gear box.
But mostly they are lighters than pistons engines, so they have to be placed more forward to balance the plane. If you look under the hood of a PC-6, you’ll see there is plenty of empty space between firewall and engine itself.

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