Asobo please lighten up the cockpits!

Please please Asobo, the cockpits are too dark. Even the red digits you have for altitude etc are not bright enough. How can I fly when I can barely see the cockpit? Flybywire has brightened up their cockpits and changed the colors of the digits so they are very easily readable. It’s a joke when I load up a 747 and care barely see anything. I have to point the plane in the right direction to get some sunlight on them so I can see. This takes all the enjoyment out of the sim. We are not all in dark rooms flying the sim. And yes I have every light you can think of turned on, cabin and panel lights etc.

How about modders out there. Is there anyway a modder could brighten up the A320neo? Even just changing the color of the digits like flybywire has done to make them readable. The default ones aren’t cutting it. Thanks for listening but with just this one little thing of having brighter cockpits would go a long way in making this sim more enjoyable.

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