Asobo please

Dear Asobo/MS. The latest SU7 release is simply not up to the standards of quality software engineering one would expect from your team. To call this “game of the year” is arrogant and its quality simply does not reflect the standard one would associate with such a title. It would appear your software testing methodology is severely lacking and this is proven now through every subsequent world and sim update. Your continued insistence on releasing eye-candy bug ridden assets yet not address fundamental issues after many months of reporting is astounding and can lead one only to believe that development prioritisation is focussed on revenue generating activities and not core fundamentals. The direction this is trending is a major disappointment.


Its all marketing The sim gets worse with every update


I think it is on par. They have always broke stuff with updates. That is the Asobo / MS method, based on the history of this game.

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This latest update made me uninstall this game definitely. I’m really tired of looking for solutions to every new problem when the simulator is updated.


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