Asobo Porter and L-39 Albatross or Transparency please

For the past week or so, as I’ve been waiting for the Milviz Porter to show up in Orbx, both the trailer for the Reno expansion and now news of the GOTY edition with a Porter have made an appearance. And not just the Porter and the Albatross are coming, but also the P-51 and the Harvard (yeah, I know, but that’s what a Canuck sees).

This is all very exciting, but my (let’s call it) irritation concerns the appearance of an Asobo Porter despite the fact that one has been released, and another is in the pipes. Notably, the level of polish Asobo gives its own hanger (BTW I’m a long-time casual simmer, so debates about the accuracy of flight models interest me not at all) means that each of those upcoming planes has been in planning and production for at least as long as anything else currently coming to market. And if that is indeed the case, why can’t Microsoft/Asobo be a bit more transparent about what they have in development? A few more days and I would have paid for a Porter I didn’t need (sorry, Milviz–I did buy the Corsair). And frankly, had I known that that a sim-native Albatross was coming, I would have held off on my purchases of other jets.

It’s nice to have an active market, sure, but not when it’s partly a shell game. (And this shell game is mutually sustained: Asobo likes to keep us apprised of developers who have informed them of “unannounced” aircraft in the works–the old marketing “wink-wink”). This stuff has occurred around particular sceneries as well. So, yes, Asobo, a bit more transparency please.


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