Asobo presentation disabled?

Hi guys!

Sorry if this has been asked before (I could not find any thread on this) but how do you disable the Asobo presentation right after the game has launched?

Very cool visuals and stuff but after a while it gets boring and I’d rather skip those 15 seconds and get my loading running… :wink:

Thank you!

I don’t think you can.


Thank you for that!

what about the Microsoft Store option??

The SDK developer launcher works for the MS store version.

Also found this on Reddit :

For you that bought it through the Microsoft Store, it is a UWP app which means you have to launch it differently.

To skip the videos, do the following:

Right click on desktop and go to New > Shortcut and enter the following

cmd.exe /C start shell:AppsFolder\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App "-FastLaunch"

Complete the shortcut wizard and you now have a shortcut to start the game and skip the videos!

Are you saying this gets rid of the ‘press any key’ screen?

No, it starts you at the Press Any Key screen.


Yes, the whole intro, actually
Is that possible?

You cannot even skip it by pressing “Enter” or “Spacebar”… :sob: