Asobo should create a livery painter which is for people to create personal livery easily

I know @Asobo focuses on improving the game more, but maybe some developers could spend some time in creating 1 application which we could paint the plane and all then export it out to the MSFS 2020, this would actually be a great idea!


I think you can do that with Blender by importing the model and overlaying the texture in the texture painter.
But painting on 3D objects is really annoying which is why there are Paint Kits for various aircraft which you can use in the image editor of your choice (most come as PSD files).

I mean ya, but some might not even know how to use it, so if having an application which isn’t as complicated could help everyone out better

You’ve obviously been playing to many NFS games, wants a paint program so anyone can make there planes look like they want…not just wannbe graphics artists…What a wait yeah thats a pretty good idea, I thought of it myself last week (after playing NFS of course).

You may not be the target audience Bubba.

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nah never had a NFS game before, but having a custom livery for ourself is cool!

Your right I very rarely look at the plane 3rd person.

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