Asobo Testing Process

I’m surprised at the loss of functionality of some features with the recent patch releases. I’m wondering if Asobo is performing End to End testing prior to any release. This generally involves following a script that guides the tester through a series of tasks that encompasses the functionality of each part of the application to ensure each area works as required.

I believe if this was done prior to the last two patch releases, areas such as sensitivity functionality and this time the log updates wouldn’t have been missed.

Something to consider prior to the next release.

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What you’re describing is actually called Regression testing. But yeah, agreed… they need to be doing a full regression suite before each release.

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They talked about bringing back Pre-Release community testing in the developer Q and A yesterday.

Here is a quick link:

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I watched the Video, but to me, it was just PR & Spin.

Actions speak louder that words” — and “Money talks

Lets see where we are in 1-2 months, and then look back at this Video with hindsight.
I would so like to be so wrong …


It will take more than 1-2 months so do not expect miracles. If these are the expectations of some people here than we are doomed to fail already and we can expect another wave of complains after the next few patches. They even say that most things will take a while and likely they will be fixed in 2021.

It should not tale more than 1-2 months to correct at least some of the mutiple CTD issues, that seem to have been introduced in Updates, since the 1st release.

I think both Jorg & Sebastion agreed in the Video, that addressing CTDs was #1 priority, and not something that would be put on the “backlog”.

If ASOBO receives good Bug reports of any CTD, along with windows event log, they should be able to deal with them in a timely manner –

ASSUMING, they ever actually get to anyone in ASOBO that can can take the necessary action.

The last CTD bug report I sent into Zendesk, got immediately CLOSED, with a canned response of some irrelevant Notes on how to diagnose my PC …

I can know appreciate what so many Alpha/beta Testers have been saying …
“Banging your head on a brick wall”

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You can have 1000 of testers but if they dont provide valuable feedback its to no good.

Quality over quantity

True but hopefully there is a percentage in the group that provides useful feedback and can prevent issues from going public and effecting everyone.

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I’m coming from 30 years experience with supervising software development QA, I’m cautious about throwing too many darts to the testers. The testers aren’t the ones defining the priorities on what to fix when, nor what known defects to be allowed to go to release. We can’t see behind the curtain of the development team, therefore just because we consumers see a problem does’t mean it slipped by the testers.

I’m more critical of the management decision making.


And we have a winner right here…

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As an alpha tester, i was very reluctant to fly with the watermark, although i have submitted some bug reports to zendesk. I think many people hold the same opinion.