Asobo the SDK needs some love, How large is the team and how is it organized?

One of the main issue right now, is the fact that the SDK is developing very slowly, meaning we won’t have great addon for quite a long time.

Do you plan to hire extra people to join your team in order to speed up SDK development?

more people does not mean faster development, sadly.


something needs to happen, the backlog alone of things that need to get approved for the market place is huge. at this rate it will take them months.

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A vaccine for this pandemic. No more lockdowns. I think they are doing all they can do giving the situation most are in.


Have you heard of Brook’s Law?

Brooks’s law is an observation about software project management according to which “adding manpower to a late software project makes it later”. It was coined by Fred Brooks in his 1975 book The Mythical Man-Month. According to Brooks, an incremental person, when added to a project, makes it take more, not less time.


I fail to see why. On the simulator side, you have plane dynamics, avionics, weather, airport, download manager, ATC, bing integration, beta test and a lot more. You can split work between team/people.

Just looks at freeware, if we had 10 modder max, would we have the same number of addons we now have?


So when you have for exemple 10 differents type a avionics in backlog, you will only ask a team/individual responsible for it to do all, even if it takes a year. that’s quite inefficient.

Did I say that?

You said:

As the linked article says, one of the factors is that:

It takes some time for the people added to a project to become productive. Brooks calls this the “ramp up” time. Software projects are complex engineering endeavors, and new workers on the project must first become educated about the work that has preceded them; this education requires diverting resources already working on the project, temporarily diminishing their productivity while the new workers are not yet contributing meaningfully. Each new worker also needs to integrate with a team composed of several engineers who must educate the new worker in their area of expertise in the code base, day by day. In addition to reducing the contribution of experienced workers (because of the need to train), new workers may even make negative contributions, for example, if they introduce bugs that move the project further from completion.

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It true about any kind of job, not just developing. So you lose a bit of efficiency from your senior developer for a couple weeks/month, it’s not like training people with no knowledge, and after that you have more people you can assign to those different assignment.

Right now the progress is really slow, just look at the last update from the 19th, something needs to happen

About the SDK, it’s not just one big thing, I suppose it will call function, to import different type of 3D files, make connection between systems, debug, testing SDK, etc… So you can split your team

It will speed up once they get the Xbox version out


It’s certainly “running” very slow … time to start “SPRINTING” a little more ??

(Sorry – Lame SCRUM joke, but I could not resist )

What’s the difference between this and the “Focus on the SDK” post from yesterday?

The proposed way to achieve it.

So, assuming that the questions that get asked are those that have the most votes… all we’ve achieved is making it twice as likely that neither of ours do.


let’s get real here, you have 8 votes, I have 4. We are on the bottom of the list for this Q&A session no matter what. the only way it will be seen, is if some of the devs take time to read every questions.

I shall ask for mine to be deleted. I don’t want to be seen as not being real.

You are so susceptible… calm down

Very calm here thanks. Susceptible… possibly.

More doesn’t mean faster, it means more complex.

Looks like you get a gold star next to your name this week.