Asobo: What Is Correct Process to Communicate With You?

Agile doesn’t dictate when to release a product. It’s a management decision and MS has stretched the definition of a “minimum viable product”.

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It does not, but one of it’s central tenets is that it requires development of solutions and identification of problems via collaboration with it’s end users. Which would be the customers. This is entirely my point.

I feel you. People should vote up this thread so we can get a response from the devs. This is not acceptable.

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The company I work for does Agile and as a developer I honestly don’t care for it simply because there are constantly “bugs” and “issues” the customers have because we’re constantly rolling out features and fixes, which turns around and puts pressure back on the developers to fix said “bugs” and “issues” that wouldn’t have been there if things weren’t done in an Agile method.

Also I agree that things seem to be getting “worse” with each patch for MSFS. I can’t fly what feels like half the planes I purchased with premium deluxe simply because they randomly shut down, auto pilot has issues or another bug that makes me not want to invest time into a 2+ hour flight.

Because the cult forbids speaking out against the best thing ever created because it’s already perfect the way it is :slight_smile:


ZenDesk is the best way to report the bugs. Note that it is more for the initial report, rather than a full bug tracking system. (Ticket status can be misleading, so resort to the ZenDesk FAQ with questions) Include as much details as possible. Such as crash reports from Windows Event Viewer, screenshots, etc.

Additionally, make sure to click Vote on existing posts in the Bugs and Issues thread. But ZenDesk is the preferred spot. The forums are more for troubleshooting between users. Then keep an eye on the Top Issues Tracker and the Known Issues thread.


Can the mods please make sure you are merging similar topics then, there’s plenty of same/similar ones with say 50 votes each, and they don’t reach the ‘top 20 list’ of the clowns at Asobo. It’s not a true reflection of what the forum users want


When that happens, Microsoft is simply going to pull the plug and the updates are going to stop altogether.

I’m disappointed with how things have gone too, but do we want this flight simulator, or not? Personally, I’d like to see them keep going and try to improve this thing.

Instead of trying to slap Microsoft, which, if anything, will only provoke a negative response, how about encouraging their rivals? Somebody needs to tell the Brand-X-Plane guys that they should make a pitch to the execs over at Google that they could seriously improve the “flight simulator” built into Google Earth. If an arms race starts between the two companies, we’re going to see a lot more invested into this project.


Good forum topic, thank you for asking the question. The developer does not read the forum, does not fix bugs. They communicate that we work with the community, but this is not the case. An example of many: We indicated a great deterioration of the visual world, poor quality trees, barren landscape, poor water texture. It was not restored, it was further degraded.

The simulator is getting worse, thanks!


What time is the next Q&A?

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Zendesk (top of the page)

Odd that there are 24 replies to this and no one answered the actual question asked. It bothers me when simmers are against simmers. Before the fight was always “my sim of choice is better than yours” and now it’s “You can run your install fine but not me/us”. There aren’t haters here and if anything people want the forum to be used as intended because ONLY then will all the issues get addressed. Even if I, myself doesn’t have an issue that simmer B has doesn’t mean I don’t want to upvote people’s issues that those of us who help troubleshoot can’t resolve. More often than not it’s either fixable (not a bug) or the system specs are well below minimum (not often but many aren’t even in the ball park).

Anyway, Zendesk is the direct answer to your titled question. I suggest however to use the forum as the developers will use it as and use the search function, find the post that best matches each issue individually and vote it up. If you can’t find one then create one for each and every issue. I guarantee everyone that if that was done then at least some of your issues will find solutions without contacting anyone and those that are bugs will get upvoted as intended. Some form of “fighting the man” so to speak that I read in so many comments here isn’t going to change how they do a thing. Having so much at ones fingertips and not being able to use it as expected is beyond frustrating but if you want solutions then you’ll do what gets them (as I pointed out). If you want others to agree with your pain, then carry on because the devs aren’t looking at these topics. They’re looking at the voting stats which is probably the most fair and easy system I’ve ever seen put in place, and powerful if used.


We don’t get to talk to Asobo. Everything is filtered through Microsoft. This is done on purpose.

I could have bought 1.5 X-Plane 11s with the price of what MSFS cost me. They need to hear the words class action and lawsuit in the same sentence in order to sort their ■■■■ out. That’s when this ■■■■■■ market practice will end. Selling unfinished products for full price is a scam. It’s not Agile or acceptable. I don’t give a ■■■■ what their development method is: they are scalping people for money while delivering nothing but empty promises, pretty screenshots and vague development goals.

This is misleading marketing, charging money for an unfinished product, and a lot of other nice things so that’s where the community is at at this point in time. I sure hope the next Q&A is open.

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I feel like I paid almost $200 AUD to be an Alpha tester…


I feel the same, not acceptable at all…


My Dear Community. Do not forget the fate of MS Flight! Do not kill this sim as you killed MS Flight!, please. Do not give the sim bad ratings. It is better not to rate at all. Yes, there is a hell of issues. Some of them look really stupid, like OBS not working on “steam gauges” C-172, or nonremovable gauges on the external view, or a strange VFR map where I can not check nav data inflight, too sensitive controls, strange mouse zones, their complicated access to the menu, and all other issues you mentioned here. But my dears. Learn some lessons at last. Your attempts to influence giving bad ratings can only kill the sim. Forever. We can not change the brains of CEOs. Wait a year at least until they patch the thing. Today you will never receive a finished product. This is not only about games. Look at real planes, cars, computers…

Fanboy, indeed. Maybe if you’d posted a better video instead of say, the last five seconds, it might have been more obvious what happened.

Oh look it’s the fanboy army…have you even read the post properly? Go back to school if you’re having trouble understanding my original post. That’s all I have to say to you bunch of trolls.

No, it was just the useless video you posted. I don’t always take what people say at face value, cos they’re often wrong Mr Salty.

Frankly I wouldn’t care if they pulled the plug today. I have written off my financial loss as experience. I have left a justly damning review on steam.

As things stand I cannot imagine PMDG, FSL ever arriving to this bug fest. Neither is it suitable for Vatsim.

I do know one thing for certain though…MS/Asobo will never get another penny from me!