Asobo working on a hotfix for CTDs

Has probably more to do with the extreme explosion in hate posts and toxicity, than the content of the post itself. Judging by yummivanas post, that’s most likely the reason.

They could have saved a lot of grief if they would just add the option to not update until you want to.

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Not an option for a massively online-dependent title.
Neither an option for all the 3rd party devs that would need to maintain multiple versions etc.


:bulb: Asobo, please don’t feel preassured to release this hotfix before it has been thoroughly tested. Take your time. :heavy_check_mark:

The comments were probably deleted before you could see them.

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Glad for hotfix for everyone. Personally, I had tons of CTD’s yesterday until I remembered to uninstall REX 's 3rd party airport addon. I had emptied my community folder, and still crashing. I turned off the live traffic AND the AI traffic, because that is an obvious bug that they are probably working on. That with disabling REX, and I have not had CTD’s since. I got lucky. They have since made an updated product compatible with this addon. I think it’s different for everyone. Crucial to check for any imbedded 3rd party addons…
I also have better scenery, actually clearer terrain with this update. More custom buildings were added as well. Before, the sim sucked. It was slow /choppy, lousy blurry graphics. Now, It looks amazing and is running very smooth. Good performance upgrade. I had some screen tearing/graphics card issues so, I turned on Vsync and that helped. I think once the bugs are ironed out, we will agree this is the best update yet…it really is changing the game for the better. It just feels like a more finished product. Now the sim has more to do, great transition screens, instead of that same dumb picture over and over. Oh, and blazing fast loading…
All the other updates didn’t do much for me. I think we will agree once it is running properly.

Agree. Menus are ■■■■■ now. Can not configure honeycomb bravo and alpha. Also log book is empty.

Sure I’m experiencing few bugs but it’s crazy how some of you are experiencing lots of CTD’s and some of us are not at all. I’m glad there’s going to be a fix in that aspect for you guys

Please fix that annoying menu bar that is always visible and the weather problem.
always too many problems after updates!


This is the best news I’ve heard in 48 hours haha. Very excited!

Great news at last, hopefully the CTD will end soon up to 17 now and 6 freezes, but I keep trying, I got an hour yesterday that was lots of enjoyment. So looking forward to the Hotfix.

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Hot fix release is tomorrow

July 30th, at 8 am PT (1500 UTC) to download on both PC and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Here are the release notes:

  • Fixed various crashes in game and on the world map
  • Fixed crashes related to the offline AI traffic
  • Fixed minor memory leaks
  • The title should no longer freeze for a very long time when connecting / disconnecting peripherals
  • Fixed broken flight plan for Garmin devices when adding an enroute waypoint that was inserted as a destination
  • Fixed flightplanner not resetting when going from one activity to another
  • Fixed flightplan from flight assistant not displaying on certain planes when VFR map is open after the destination is set
  • Fixed freezes happening when using the flight assistant when setting a new destination
  • VR options should no longer be duplicated in the Option menu
  • Marketplace “Get and download” and “Download” buttons will now function as expected on the Content Page
  • User unable to interact with UI elements with the in game cursor for free flight in some cases
  • Improvements of pitot static system to fix altimeter bugs, improve accuracy and correctly simulate temperature impact
  • Fixed AutoBrakes Button Behavior on the Airbus A320Neo
Activity / Gameplay
  • The correct runway is now taken into account for the Landing challenge at Nice
  • Pilots are now displayed in external view at the Isafjordur Landing challenge
  • Title will no longer become unresponsive after using Fuel Supply and using a fuel or payload as a numerical value via ATC Ground Services
  • Some achievements will no longer be awarded in error for certain landing scenarios
  • Fixed big temperature spikes at high altitudes
  • Added new airspace to nearest facility JS API
  • Fixed crashes on WASM modules for older CPUs

We are actively working on making this sim the best experience possible, and look forward to seeing videos, comments, and more from you about this release.

- The MSFS team

Do you use Navigraph nav data? I was having CTD on the World Map screen specifically when it was set to Satellite or Blend and zooming in and out and moving around. I think this had something to do because I use Navigraph’s nav data and in had removed everything from my Community folder including nav data and I realised that I was unable to enter any waypoints in an aircraft cause they weren’t in a database.

Have been trying to make it crash recently but been unsuccessful.

No, I don’t use it.

I can’t reinstall the game anymore (stucked in decompressing packages). Will the hotfix fix this as well, in your opinion?

I’ve had back-to-back CTDs since the update. Only 1 successful flight out of 4. The sim was working flawlessly prior - frame rates in the 50s, no stuttering, gorgeous scenery, smooth seamless panning inside cockpit with TrackIR…

Now I can’t get even get to rotate before CTD.

Removed everything from community folder too - no luck.


No CTD as such but Baron autopilot had a brainstorm midflight and suddenly flipped the AC into a steep turn to the right and headed for a spiral dive into the ground.I regained control by disconnecting the AP. After stabilising the AC discovered the AP was terminally unusable so I flew manually and landed at the nearest Airport using Navigraph Chart. Had to restart the flight from scratch…then OK.
Experiencing not just stutters, but sim sometimes actually freezes and then stutters back into life. Performance much worse than before SU5, not better as promised. Never had more than very occasional very brief odd stutter before the update. Somethings gone wrong somewhere !

Je n’avais aucun problème jusqu’à ces derniers jours, même avec la SU5.
Et puis lundi, j’ai changé ma carte graphique, passé enfin d’une 980 à une RTX 3080. Désormais j’ai constamment des CTD. J’ai tout essayé, toujours ces crash. 1 vol sur 4 ou 5 OK environ. J’ai rêvé d’avoir mon FS en ultra… et désormais que c’est possible, je dois abandonner et attendre une hypothétique mise à jour… Dur dur.
Mon problème ne vient pas de ma carte, c’est certain. Un ami qui a une 3080 depuis un bon moment avait son jeu OK jusqu’à la SU5… depuis il a également les CDT et il met le jeu en pause également.

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Phython544 translation:
I had no problem until the last few days, even with the SU5.
And then on Monday, I changed my graphics card, finally going from a 980 to an RTX 3080. Now I have CTDs all the time. I’ve tried everything, always these crashes. 1 flight out of 4 or 5 OK approximately. I dreamed of having my FS in Ultra … and now that it is possible, I have to give up and wait for a hypothetical update … Tough.
My problem isn’t with my card, that’s for sure. A friend who has had a 3080 for a while had his game OK until SU5 … since then he also has CDTs and he pauses the game as well.

I too just experienced my third CDT on a flight over 5hrs… should have been 6 hrs. I too have an RTX 3080 and settings to Ultra…a fully capable rig with all new hardware…spent a few thousand $$$ just to have it start to fail once SU5 was forced upon us. SU5 (built for XBox) is not serving the community and should be reversed. Better yet, decouple the XBox code and make it a separate code from the original Pre XBox patch. The PC community should NOT suffer due to the limitations of a GAME box. gamers can still share in the on line environment but don’t handicap the PC community with sub par coding to make it serve users that are not likely to invest in expanding with the program. Make MSFS an actual simulator NOT a game!!! Or stop calling it MicroSoft Flight SIMULATOR … currently it has been mandatorily transformed into MSFGame.

I am ashamed and feel duped into thinking this program was heading in the right direction, 1 year after a bad launch. C’mon fix this mess! Starting to think class action suit might be in the future.

Just look at the active bug list….

From The MSFS Team:

The “experience” that was possible a month ago was an improvement over the current “experience”… nice work!

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