Asobo would you please prioritise improving aerodynamics and weather

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I’ve now seen comments from real-world pilots all over the web commenting on how unrealistically the aircraft handle, from 152 all the way up to 747. I have not seen this addressed by Asobo (although maybe they have and I just haven’t seen it), but I believe this should be a top priority in a flight simulator. So, Asobo, please, can you improve the aerodynamics, pilots should be impressed with the modelling, not commenting on how unrealistic it is. Also turbulence, weather etc. You refuse to let HiFi do it, but then you don’t fix it either… what is going on? Between this and the game-breaking bugs I have stopped playing and just casually following the updates waiting for people to actually comment on how they were impressed by something other than the graphics and scenery. (and the graphics and scenery are amazing, but I want to feel like I am experiencing “As Real As It Gets”, not “As Pretty As It Gets”.)