I just want to thank the team for all the work and dedication they\re putting into the Microsoft Flight Simulator !

It is amazing witnessing you tackling so many issues and also creating an absolutely fantastic world on such a complex platform that requires multidimensional approach and knowledge of multiple fields of science.

WORLD UPDATE 6 has been one of my favorites thus far, with the improved performance especially in the heavy multiplayer environment that includes the live traffic, as well !
Framerates are more consistent, the memory allocation works great, everything is paged correctly and loaded into the scene seamlessly even when with fast camera panning in a dense urban environment - both at high +15.000ft altitudes and as low as 500ft - it just works splendidly !

Update process went smoothly, for me personally as always uneventful. Added software tips as well as the safe mode is such a surprising addition that shall go a long way for all of those who suffer issues, yet it will also be a valuable quality of life tool for all of us.

It has been a great ride so far and I surely expect more of it !

Je vous souhaite à tous le meilleur !


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