Aspen KASE RNAV 15 Z

After updating my navdata I was pleased to see the RNAV and Special LOC 15 approach return for Aspen.

I tried the RNAV first, ATC were bang on in terms of altitudes however the calculated GP (Glide Path (Not Slope) seems to be 3000 feet above where it should be. I used the chart and step down manually but there is something wrong here. Has this bug been reported ?

The LOC 15 Special approach (recently changed in Oct) was flawless and I picked up the LOC and managed my descent by the numbers and DME for backup. Again, in-built ATC did a good job stepping me down.

BTW - the wind yesterday in Aspen was nasty nasty NW and gusting in the PM go fly some RW-33 circuits for fun there is plenty space to the right of the field when visibility is good if you’re in a smaller a/c. You are also 7200 feet ASL so performance is poorer and the air thiner. Also, instrument RW-15 is favoured with tail winds of upto 10kts (I think).

A good intro here :

The video half way down shows many pieces of bad planning before and decision making after takeoff (hot and high field, loaded to max, rising terrain, trees, and the worst, somthing called carry-on-itus which always takes you directly to the scene of the accident).

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