Assembly dual TCA with the TCA addon

How assembly dual TCA with the TCA addon?

Do you mean the flaps, gear elements to the throttle, for quad engine? please expand

I have two TCA, one for 1&2 and another for 3&4 engines.
I got the TCA addon and the cables are short, In this case I assembly the addon with spoilers and landing gear to the TCA 1&2 and the and the addon with Flaps and park brake with TCA 3&4. The question is: the MFS recognizes this configuration?

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That’s what I would do also, (one element connected to your TCA eng1-2 and the other one connected to your other TCA - eng 3-4) I cannot see why it wouldn’t work; have you tried?

Yes it seems to work. Thank you! :slight_smile: