Assigning all throttles to controller axis

It seems that you can only assign a joystick/controller axis to a single engine. Is there really no way to assign a single controller axis to all engines? Like I can’t control all engines of a 747 with a single axis?

You can. Search for ‘throttle axis’, that control binding should control all engines.
If you want to bind for a single engine you would search throttle {#} axis and just for fun, you can assign the same hardware action to many engines. If you had a two-engine controller you could map it so that the first controlled engines 1 & 2, and the second controlled engines 3 & 4, or any other variation of that theme.

Totally figured this one out last night. I don’t know why that concept was so hard for me :laughing:

Assign controller axis to throttle 1, throttle 2, throttle 3, and throttle 4. Perfect.

That works as well :slight_smile: