Assigning TBM inertial seaerator switch

im currently building a little switch panel for the TBM 930 and cant find any way in the options to map the inertial separator switch. does anyone know where i can map it / if i can map it?

That’s not possible at this time until Asobo update things and allow us access to Local Variables [Lvars] not all functions of the TBM systems have assignments.

yeah i found even more stuff tha tdoesnt work. this is pretty annoying tbh :confused:

Add me to the list of people who wish this was possible to control externally :frowning:

They originally had a binding for it but it disappeared a couple updates ago.
It goes on automatically with anti-ice now (in the TBM 930 anyway) however there are other times it would be appropriate to turn on the inertial separator.
It also does not move the inertial separator switch when the anti-icing automatically turns it on. At least move the switch.
Please give us a working “set” and/or “toggle” for the inertial separator.