Assistance options grayed out

I’m getting no assistance with the Kodiak. Should I unistall the FBW?

I just bought MV-228 Ospray… Will not let me switch it over to true life… Will not let me operate the cowling either nor lift off… $37 down the drain… unless someone can fix this problem… every since this update, everything has been going haywire… helicopters go into a spin on take off also.

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to fix this problem

I have the same problem now. No matter what plane I select, assistance options are only Volocopter and grayed out.

I am having the same issue now! Started today for me! I fly Fenix! Why is this happening?

UPDATE: When I’m in the plane on the airport, I have the general options availalble again. Volocopter bug is only from the main menu.

Funny, I have the problem the opposite way! It doesn’t work when I am in the plane and at an airport but it works fine in the Main Menu!

Live weather is also not working for me! I see basic temps across the world, no clouds, … Using Steam Version, Western USA Server.

hi I have the same problem I just bought the R-FAL Pack from CJ simulation it turns out that I am in volocopter in the assistance options which means that I can neither turn left nor turn right everything is blocked is gray I’m on Xbox do you have a solution