Assistance options reset with every release

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Every time there is a update, with the beta at least, but I think i heard others say it also happens during normal updates, then all the assistance options we have set are reset all to easy. Can something be done to stop this from happening please it is becoming very annoying now.

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I’ve had this happen - but only once. Not sure why it affects some people but not others.

Are you playing on both Xbox and PC? I had this happen when I was using both, and the profile settings would try and sync between the two. I stopped using Xbox and only use PC and haven’t had this problem since

Somebody suggested that this works, below. Wondering if it works for you or if this is even how you’re doing your assistance options (not saying it’s not a bug, anyway):

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That’s interesting - that would make sense if the toolbar was a on-the-fly setting, that would apply to the current session and the settings loaded when restarting are from the main menu settings.

I’ve also seen the realism settings reset after updating to a new version. If features get updated that relate to these settings, I would also see how these get reset.

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I always change my settings in the main menu and that is exactly what the problem also is it changes back to easy for everything with each update. So yeah still a bug

On Xbox only lately, haven’t played on PC for 6 months

@patrickb1973 , @JoachimJoeS , we got a new AAU 1 beta download today. How are your assistance settings?

Check with sim version - the assistance options remained the same for me.

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Same problem again, just to be clear I’m on Xbox Series X so might be different for those on PC. Also reported this here in the topic that it is for Xbox this issue. Also asked a couple other people in my streams who also play on Xbox they to got their Assistance Settings reset again.

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Happened again with the update yesterday, this is becoming very annoying have to set this after every update, hope this gets fixed and fast.

While it might have happened a longer time ago for PC users with an older SU update, it does seem to be an Xbox only issue then for now - I have not had the assistance reset updating to on PC.

Yes it’s on Xbox only that this happens I can definitely confirm this

And again it happened with the new update of the Beta but also happens with full releases not just Beta. Can this bug now get logged for a change so that it can actually be forwarded and get fixed. So annoying after each update having to set your settings again.