Assisted takeoff does NOT revert to manual when there is user input

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Recently after the last update I discovered by accident that all my ‘Assist’ settings had been reset to ‘EASY’.
I found this out after finding that the throttle for all floatplanes when departing from WATER would not work using joystick, F3 and F1 keys, or mouse control with and without joystick connected (please note that from a ground runway departure the throttle works correctly).
I found that when I set ASSIST TAKEOFF (PILOT section) to OFF the problem went away. YET the brief description when ASSIST TAKEOFF is selected states " When active this assist will attempt to adjust the above systems, BUT any user inputs will resume manual controls and override the AI."
By using the throttle control (joystick, keyboard or mouse) is in my opinion " user input" and as such should override the AI yet it doesn’t the throttle remains uncontrollable (but only on a water departure, from a land runway departure it works ok).

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14.84 MB file on MEGA

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Set PILOT Assisted Takeoff ON (ie YES), Select any floatplane, start a flight from WATER, attempt to operate the throttle.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

i7 9700K cpu, 16GB RAM RTX2060 video card, Logitech Extreme 3D pro joystick

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