ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G Is it compatible with the 3070?

I am building a new rig with the above mother board I am changing from amd back to intel. My quesiton is will the ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G Is it compatible with the 3070? be comptable with 3070 I am not sure it is

Im Building with a 10900K I have a 2080 super but plan on upgrading to a 3070 later next sumer when stock is back to normal

Why not? Every mainboard with at least an 3.0 PCI-Express slot ist “compatible”.
And the 3070 is not to bulky so allmost any case should fit.

But why do you plan to buy at amerson? Why dont support your local stores or at least uk dealers? At (for example) its cheaper too.

Not to mention that upgrading from an 2080S to an 3070 is wasted money, you will get an innoticable increase of your fps. You can wait for a proper GPU like 6800XT/6900XT or the upcomming (they must!) 16GB or 20GB cards from team green.

Also spending money now to intel is maybe not the brightest idea. They will show up in 2021 with new chipsets with pci-e 4.0 support and new cpu’s too. They must too, AMD’s pressure on both Intel and Nvidia is high this times.

So think about of waiting a few months and watch the markets.

Take care to plan for an potential power supply, even for the 3070 you will need in minimum a good 650W brick.

I already have a build im using the parts of it i have a 850 w gold psu from seasonic. I pefer amazon returns policys in case something goes wrong.

I also think that is very cheeky how do u no what supplier i am buying from amazon scan is also on amazon for your info that motherboard was out of stock at scan so i got it on amazon. I bought my 10900 k from overclockers uk !

Keep calm, I am on a mission…

Not sure why not as long as it has a PCIe x 16 slot.

I have a 3070 running on a Z390 and it is working fine. I think you will need be more concern about power, min 650 watt power supply but seeing you already have a 2070 Super you may be fine.

Thanks, I do have a 850 w seasonic psu