Asus rog zephyrus g14 32 GB on oculus quest 2 (VR)

Hello every one,
please i need your attention and advice before i buy the laptop to run it on the oculus quest 2
What shall i expect from it, is it going to perfume really well on VR?


Processor Model Ryzen 9-5900HS


Internal Memory 32GB


Total Storage Capacity 1000GB
Storage Media SSD


Discrete Graphics Adapter Model GeForce RTX 3060 6GB

Why would you use a laptop? The 3060 mobile would be barely sufficient for VR, and thermal throttling would make it perform poorly after a short time.
You should really consider a desktop PC for MSFS instead.

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I have this laptop, because I travel on weekends and for me the laptop is essential.
ASUS ROIG STRIK, 16gb ram, rtx 2070, i7056 H.
In VR with the Oculus Rift S, almost everything is up and beautiful. The laptop is from the month of October 2019.
With that new laptop you mention you will do very well.

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The problem is im limited with Budget, and relocating is an issue for me
That in case if the laptop will give me a similar experience as the desktop…
Difference in price is around $600 as i am getting the Asus zephyrus g14 for around $1200 PC with similar specs will around $2600
You guys are the judge based on your experience… And i trust your judgment
Let me know which you will chose for you to have more insight im talking about the Asus zephyrus g14 laptop 5900 with 32 RAM

I am agree with MrFuzzy1337, don’t expect too much from a 3060 mobile. I have a gaming Desktop with a ftwb 3070 Ti and I can enjoy a good quality in VR but my GPU work at 80% with 3 fans running fast.
I not imagine how can handle a good setting for VR with a 3060 mobile.
Of corse if you accept to take the quality low ingame and inside Oculus, you can play in VR, but your immersion will be poor.
For enjoy VR you need to be able to read all glass instruments and labels inside your cockpit without Zoom or lean everitime to read it.

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Can any one suggest a good laptop to play the FSMS over oculus quest 2?
And a desktop specs?
I appreciate it

You will not get similar performance to a desktop.
The performance of THAT Ryzen 5900 and Geforce RTX 3060 are much lower than the desktop versions, and moreover after 10 minutes they are running at full capacity, they will throttle down and get even slower.

I agree that the performance of a desktop PC is superior to a laptop, but with my laptop, which is inferior to Asus rog zephyrus g14 32 GB rtx360 on Oculus Rift S I have almost everything in medium - high and the performance does not drop in any moment.
Laptops have come a long way, I think proportionally more than a desktop PC.

Well, I’ve got the SCAR 17 G733 with a 5900HX, 3080 with 16GB and 135W dynamic boost and I can say with the benchmark numbers, I can smoke most desktops on the market today.

It’s all what you’re willing to pay and laptops have evolved so much in the past few years with cooling and mobile level hardware. Plus, I get to bring it with me wherever I go.

BTW, I’m running a Quest 2 and can’t complain about the performance. sure there are micro stutters at low level altitude but folks on this forum with G2 and high-end machines also get this. Every other PCVR game I play performs great. Asobo needs to perform some optimization on the VR engine soon. Enough excuses.

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can you post a screenshot of the score with this benchmark?

I am curious to se how perform a laptop that smoke many desktop gaiming PC.

The Rift S has almost the half of the resolution of the Quest 2, you cannot compare your performance with someone will use the quest 2.

MSFS in 2D set on ULTRA on a 2560x1440 will perform at 70FPS. Fans are running but not maxed out.

RDR2 which is also graphics heavy, ULTRA settings on the same res as above will perform consistently over 60FPS in a populated setting like the town of St. Denis.

You can’t generalize and say laptops are ■■■■. there are many offerings available now that will surprise many people. Of course the same specs on a desktop PC will outperform the mobile versions, duhh, but consider that the laptop will be the size of a typical motherboard and be as thick as a pack of cigarettes, plus portable… I say hell yeah, go portable if you can!

This is a test I found in 3dmark with my same Graphic card and similar PC specs.
How you can see there is not comparation. My PC is an entry level in the game world , not a super computer.
Your laptop is one of the best in the laptop world but better you not make comparation with Desktop PC.
I pay my PC 1950 €, better not ask about the price of your Laptop.

2500Euro for mine. I don’t think you understand how 3d Mark works. You have to compare with the SAME benchmark app used. In my case, I used FireStrike Extreme test which is a DX11 benchmark.

Below is a comparison with the desktop variant of the 3080. The CPU used was a Ryzen 5900 which is a 12 core CPU and is the closest to be able to use against the mobile 5900HX (8 core). Again, I did say the desktop with the non-mobile hardware WILL outperform the mobile one. I don’t dispute that.

This below result shows, even though the desktop CPU is an unfair comparison because it is 12 core, overall, the comparison is close and the result shown is close as well.

This was my point. You can go with the laptop option without compromising on performance. Sure, it’ll be a bit more pricey but at the end of the day, I’m playing MSFS on the bus, or the train home from work. You won’t, LOL.

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