At ideal system rec still stuttering

Running at ideal sys rec still my machine stutters like hell. I test it over NY its unplayeable.
To solve it I lowered the Render Scaling to 100 and terrain lvl of detail also, rest stays on Ultra or high (if ultra is not available). Of course I miss out some details now but for now its acceptable.

My Rig:
CPU Intel i9700K
GPU MSI RTX2080 Gaminig Trio
RAM Corsair DDR4 Vengenance LPX 32GB
MOBO Gigabyte Z390
Resolution I play is 3440x1440
Games is running on Intel SSD NVM Express 1.3 - 1TB
Intenet connection has max 11MB/s (FS only needs 6,3 of it)

Nvidia driver is 452.06

I’m amazed at my computer’s performance in the sim. I have a mid ranged system that is so far from your specs and run all settings on High. I continually get smooth flight. It worries me when people with systems like yours have performance issues. I hope to replace my aging computer at some time in the future but what benefit will I get if you still have performance issues?

Same here. I have an i7 4790k. I have the base clock on all 4 cores on 4ghz and a 980GTX of all things and can play full hd just fine in high. Granted, cooling and such is quite good on my rig I am also amazed by the wild performance fluctuations reported here. I will upgrade my GFX card but I somehow get the impression that newer cpus are not necessarily the better option given base clock speeds.

Terrain LOD is probably your problem. Autogen loading is intensive and takes your CPU usage spike high for a short period of time.

Thanks for the responce and good for you (and the others) it all runs smooth on high settings.
My topic is not about high but about Ultra/custom settings so kinda hard to compare.

On the other hand I have found a youtube vid in which the author compares all settings and if you look good the difference between high and ultra is hardly notable.

It might be my feeling that with my rig I should be able to run this smooth. Perhaps some futher patches might solve this.

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I don’t think so cause to tackle that you can make the rolling cache higher. I was 8GB and I upgraded it to 150GB. No notible performance increasements there at all.

Don’t forget that the game runs on a very fast SSD so that might not be a bottleneck.


I think that resolution definitelly play role. Try 1920x1080 resolution and see what is happening. What freq your CPU has as max now? Confirm via Task Manager.

Tx for the tip but its not. Refreshrate is 60hz.

Oh sry last part of the question I missed and I might check later. CPU cant Bertje bottleneck tbh

CPU is hardly used and stays around 4.7GHz
GPU is used at 100%.
Defenitly they will patch this in the future cause I think this is an optimisation issue (mem leaks etc)

For now I’ll stick to my custom setting, the game still looks breathtaking and runs smooth