AT in 787 not working

Just read some 2 month old threads about the autothrottle not working in the 787-10. Please tell me this is a joke if not fixed, because mine is still broken or am i too stupid to activate it. I tried everything, disconnect AP, disconnect and reconnect AT/AP, it only follows in FLC or VNAV mode. But when i have reached my altitude, the throttle is following my input, not the speed i´ve set.

Found out it was an addon, now my HUD and AT works again…

I also have the problem of A/T interruption. How did you solve it?

I had this same problem today. I was also wondering if there was a solution for it?

What addon was it? I have the same issue.

It was the Imk02/B787-XE mod from github. Seems a bit buggy or outdated. Have no problems after i deleted it.

I have never used that mod and I still have autothrottle problems sometimes in the 787. The only solution I’ve found when AT isn’t working is to turn off the toggles on the Autopilot panel and manage speed manually. Sometimes, if the flight is long enough, flipping the toggles back to ON and re-engaging the illuminated AT button 20 or 30 minutes later will trigger the system into working again.

I concur. The AT works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t. Its very finnicky for me.

I removed that mod and the issue is even worse!

I flew two identical low-altitude circuits in the 787 today - in the first, everything went perfectly. After parking and shutting down, I went to the Logbook to confirm the landing was recorded properly (it was), I selected the just-completed flight and selected Fly Again. So same take off runway, same ILS approach and same landing runway.

This time, after takeoff, retracting gear and flaps and engaging the AP, the autothrottles didn’t work at all, despite the AT light being illuminated and my requested speed set on the panel. The PFD also indicated SPD was engaged but it clearly wasn’t - I flew the entire (short) flight manually tweaking the throttles to control speed all the way to touchdown.

Yep, doesn’t work at all.

Autothrottle problem with me too.
The problem may be after going into the menu, and restarting the flight.

It’s not related to loading a saved flight or going to the menu. I loaded the sim tonight, created a brand new flightplan from Chicago O’Hare to Nashville complete with a departure, a STAR and approach. I spawned on the runway, took off, then engaged AP on climb out, along with autothrottles. Things worked fine up through cruise altitude but when I tried to decelerate to start descending, the plane both refused to slow down, but also refused to descend faster than about 300 fpm no matter what mode I used (Vspeed or Flight Level Change).

I finally had to turn off the autothrottle toggles and reduce engines to flight idle to begin a substantial descent rate. At that point, Vspeed started working more or less correctly. I managed risk of overspeed my manually deploying speedbrakes once or twice, then once in denser air, I controlled speed by careful control of manual throttles and close attention to the airspeed.

Not once during the flight did I go to the menus or anything unusual.

Sometimes 787 AT works sometimes not :slight_smile:

Pls Asobo fix it, we pay extra money for this plane and is still very buggy.

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Had now 10hrs of flight without any problems, except some soapy landings where you can´t brake, reverse thrust does not respond, you are airborne 5 times on the runway and land in the green 500ft off the runway. And then, i was on VNAV until approach, changed back to reduce some speed under FL100 (and yes, the speed bug remains on Mach, not on knots…) to VS and set it to -1000ft/min, had to choose twice because it did not respond, and then i had no autothrottle anymore. Had to completly disconnect the AT to get the plane down without flying by hand. My god, this plane is so bugged, its a mess. Now i´m changing back to the A320 flybywire, because this thing behaves everytime i´d expect from wll programmed plane.

Same here mate.

Now i startet in KPBG to ORSU, set 235kts to the AT and takeoff, climbed to 4000ft by hand and then pushed the autopilot, gave it 1000ft/min VS to 40.000ft and then my AT was over. Well, this is a 10hr flight over 5000nm…thanks.

The issues I see with almost every flight is the speed setting will jump on it’s own. I could be flying at 180 knots and it will suddenly jump to 380 knots. Might be related to flaps.

Also, the A/T will not disconnect on landing. You land and retard the throttle but the throttles don’t go to idle.

I have not seen the A/T stop working all together though like others. But rule of thumb, Keep a close eye on your speed when descending/climbing/operating flaps. And when you are established on the localizer. Turn A/T off and do it manually.

I thought I bought a simulator with FS2020. But in fact, I bought a Scenery simulating arcade game. Very disappointed at the lack of attention on the core functions of these aircraft.

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I also encountered the same problem, and the aircraft can’t descend automatically, I need to manually adjust the descent rate

I found a workaround to the AT failure. If that happens, disconnect AT and force your AP with controls (i do push forward) to disconnect, then reenable AP then AT. Works for me most of the time now…