At night - light balls floating

How can you eliminate these annoying light balls floating in so many places at night.

I just created a new airport and over the runway and also near the approaches these light balls show up.

They are really annoying. The AI puts them where it believes there are roads. The excludes don’t seem to get rid of them, its infuriating.

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You can remove them with a polygon, in its properties select exclude street lights and feature points,
If they don’t go away,

Have you both tried to increase the size of the polygon excluding them?

Some lights come from roads, some from sport fields, some from industrial areas

Check this for more info:

When some of the tools doesn’t work as expected, providing examples can help helping :smiley:


Thanks @mamuDesign

I haven’t done much with it for 18 months or so, but thanks very much for the info. I’ll give this a try in the coming weeks. Appreciate your help. :+1:

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Tha k you @mamuDesign , I will try your suggestions. The example airport shown happens to be my new Duncan airport.

correct, discover the behaviour while working on the airport terraforming, sees those lights near the runway without any road, so I investigated,
and let the team know about findings so they can fix and improve!

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@mamuDesign - that was perfect. I did what you suggested and the lights in the new polygon I created are now gone.

Dane SimAir

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