At this point, would it be worth to scrub MSFS from PC and start fresh install?

I have had MSFS 2020 since week of release. I cannot start, as it crashes now during flight load. I did get to load at one airport, Cessna, but 20 seconds it crahsed. I have done all updates over time. I have it loaded “out of the box”, nothing in community, and using default settings. I always update Nvidia, have Windows 11, no overclocking, and never crashed before. No changes to PC or software in past 2 weeks, but now this. I have experimented some settings, graphics 11 then 12 then back to 11, full window or full screen, different planes, different airports, blah blah blah. At this point, I do not use it, and do my truck sim. I have nothing to loose except time, SHOULD I try uninstalling, then going deep into registry and also hidden user data and scrub it all out, then load again. I have the steam version. Will this actaully do anything or just a waste of time. Other than this, i will just wait for another update either MSFS, NVIDIA or Windows 11. Yes, I am being POSITIVE !!

You didn’t mention different drivers and there’s a current known issue with the most recent nvidia driver not working with MSFS.

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What NVIDIA driver are you on? If you are on 497.09, consider rolling back to an earlier version.

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Yup. Always try the simple things first.

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I had similar issues after su5. I did a partial full install which completely fixed most of the crashes.

First, I copied the packages/official directory to another folder/drive, and then uninstall/delete all working folders.

Optionally copy the community folder too, into a separate folder.

I then started a clean install, but stopped and exiting the SIM when it started downloading the packages.

At this point I copied back the copied official packages folder only into the new installation folder then restarted the SIM. This avoided the full download, and then followed up with a quick visit to content manager to download new, missing and updated packages.

Test the SIM is running smoothly and your settings are correctly set, including controlls.

You can copy your community folder in parts after confirming all is stable.

No it crashes for me in a fresh reinstated PC. The game itself is the issue.

I would generally only do a fresh uninstall/reinstall of a Sim if mods made changes to core files and the Sim then became unstable, otherwise it’s not really worth the effort.

Unfortunately this sim doesn’t have a Verify Installation option which other games/Sims have, that would save a lot of hassle (using the Steam one just downloads the whole thing again annoyingly).

I’ve never, ever, done a complete Windows reinstall based on a game being unstable. Unless your Windows system is also showing signs of being dodgy, then that should be your very last resort.

I myself once used the reset/repair option from the Windows Apps menu. You could always consider that before sitting down for a complete re-install. I hope it works out for you.

Make sure your “Community” folder is empty before trying.
I believe your settings are kept “in the cloud” and are reinstalled with a sim reinstallation, so reinstalling the sim may not be any help.

This solved the crashing issue for me. Thanks mate!

Same here. Constant ctds. Rolled back the nvidia driver and reinstalled the whole program. Ctd in seconds again.

I had the exact same issue w11 pro,3060ti, I rolled back the driver and all of these issues were resolved for me game loads and responds just fine.

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