At what point do you guys ignore certain details and go on with your day?

I just did a 172s cold and dark start from albuquerque airport and manually put in a flight plan into my NXI for angel fire airport.

During run-up I noticed a 160 RPM drop with either mag position coming from “BOTH”. The POH section 4 says this is greater than the limit but doesn’t really tell me how to address it. After doing some research I’ve tried leaning the mixture, turning the RPM up past 2200 and letting it run like that for a minute to “burn off spark plug fouling”. It didn’t make a difference. Am I just being silly at this point or does the depth of simulation run this far? This game is my first experience with flight simming so I have no idea what to expect when it comes to intricate details like this.

Obvious but important caveat first: It is your sim, and that sim is your world, so you do things however you please. I will not give you advice on what you should do.

But for what its worth, if it is useful to you or to anyone else, what I do and have done for a long time is:

I “play along” with what the sim gives me once, then I evaluate if this actually realistic or just the sim goofing something up - if at that point I decide the sim is goofing up I ignore it.

E.g., if the sim tells me to go around due to traffic, I will. On my second approach, if I can see that there is not actually any traffic and it is just the sim ATC being broken, I ignore it and go ahead and land.

For your example: If I see excessive magneto drop, I will do what you mention, try to burn it off, etc, if the drop is still too high but full throttle RPM is by the book, I ignore the excessive magneto drop and go ahead and take off.

I find that to be the best tradeoff between immersion and realism. In my view, striving for realism while in the sim is the biggest immersion breaker. No real-world pilot has ever thought “is this realistic? what is the most realistic way of doing this? what would a real pilot do?”. Such thoughts should never cross our minds, IMHO. Whatever happens in the sim “is real” and we deal with it as if it was real. The time to think about realism is between sim sessions, not during sim sessions.

But sometimes that approach just does not work - if the sim does not model things like spark plug fouling or magneto problems but it has an issue with excessive mag drop there is no way treating it as if it was real is going to fix that problem. Do I really want to model an incompetent mechanic who is incapable of fixing my magneto problem, no matter how many times I taxi back to the hangar to have it fixed? No, not really. So I suspend my suspended beliefs for a moment, consider that issue a sim issue, and ignore it.

So that is how I deal with such things. You decide what works best for you.


Thanks for your insight, something for me to think about next time.

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I think this is a great attitude!

Excellently put.

The default airplanes aren really simulating such things. If A2A will bring their products to the sim, you can expect MUCH more.

I do it like this when flying the C172:
I handle it like i would IRL amd how i learned it and just ignore the things that arent simulated. It helps to do the same flows, if its simulated or not, is secondary. I always do the magneto check, even if i know that the drop will always be the same amd it will not chage :slight_smile:


I was flying the 787 the other day. Teleported to approach. Plane went absolutely bananas into a flat spin and crashed into the ground at too fast. I laughed pretty hard because i was running Self Loading Cargo and everyone in the back was screaming.

Clearly its a sim bug but i like to imagine what kind of circumstances would just throw a widebody jet into a spin so hard not even Matthew McConaughey assisted by an old army robot could recover the plane…

I try and figure out if it’s me or the sim. If it’s the sim I just ignore it

In this case I have noticed the same behavior and I ignore it.

If it was a quality third party payware I’d engage their support resources.

But magneto drop realism on an unmodified default aircraft is not worth opening a Zendesk ticket when there are many other more important things that need fixed IMHO.

Deep engine simulation is absolutely not there in the default planes.

Well said.

FBW is already on a very high level and CRJ by Aerosoft is pretty much study-level.

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Yeah, but they dont do Cessnas. :wink:
Also FBW is still far away and no, AS is not study level. FENIX and PMDG will be. But thats not the point of this topic.

I don’t know how you define study level, but if a real CRJ pilot can instruct every single thing he does when preparing for a flight, I am really not sure what more is expected:

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You really dont need to explain me the crj here. :wink:

And if two real life a320 pilots can fly a flight exactly as they would do IRL together, even ending the flight in a challenging approach maneuver without issues, I think a plenty have no idea what “study-level” means:

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Yeah, because they are good at „ignoring the details“, as the topic title says. The CRJ is good, FBW is also nice, especially regarding its price point. :wink:

But this is just the very beginning, the really good stuff will come in a few months. And then we dont need to „ignore the details“ anymore. :slight_smile:

No. They do not ignore any details. They clearly do the flights exaclty as they would do in IRL.

No, they dont. The dont even can, as the FBW doesnt even do the stuff they do IRL. Check some other vids from him and you see dozens of things the FBW cant do this yet. But you can have fun with it and thats the important thing. :slight_smile:

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Well, yes they do. The FBW does exaclty the stuff they do IRL. That’s the whole point of the video, to show what they do IRL in the sim.