ATC accents and pronunciation

I’ve just had a flight over and to Le Bourget airport France.

The english american accent fumbling over pronouncing Le Bourget sounded so awful, I couldn’t make much sense of it, it certainly didn’t sound like anything like Le Bourget. The same applies to some of the German areas I’ve ‘visited’.

This immediately breaks immersion in the simulation. Time for MSobo to act!

Incidentally the female ATC voice announcements sounded more like what one would expect.

Foreign names deserve respect not some horrible gibberish made by an algorithm!


Use VATSIM, problem solved.


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Good job there isn’t an airport at Worcester…


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They need to fix the ATC as a whole before they even attempt accents and pronunciation.

But I do agree fully. Its odd

No, but there is at Gloucester . . .

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How about Peabody?

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To me the. Completely ran. Dom pauses in mid. Sentence or even run. Way number are much more. Annoying than the occas. Ional mispronounciation.

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