ATC Airports does not give me landing clearance nor taxi to gate

After last update I dont receive landing clearance nor taxi to gate after landing.
The tower land contact appears in gray in ATC window.
Has anyone else had this issue?
I allways fly on TBM 930

which airport? ifr? vfr?
i fly tbm930 too - my atc „works fine“.

IFR. Flying from Madrid LEMD to Valencia LEVC.

I’ve had that too, but it just seems to be specific airports, usually smaller ones, where ATC just doesn’t know their way around. If you land at one of the starred airports, you should be given directons. (Although even at those, they sometimes send my A320 to general aviation parking.)

i just flew it now-it works for me. no (airport-)mods, livetime & weather, multiplayer off, live traffic. could&dark from ramp.
LEMD, RWY 14R, NAND1B, NANDO, CENTA, CANTON, WALLY, CLS, ILS Y RWY 12 (CLS) at LEVC. madrid center let me decent from 13.000ft, give me to barcelona center and to valencia approach and then to tower and ground.
did you have airport-addons installed? (from valencia)

Disabling Azure voice ATC works again.

moi aussi et souvent voire tout le temps l’atis est muet