ATC altitude issues post hotfix - calling out wrong altitudes

Anyone experiencing issues with default ATC asking to expedite to the assigned altitude whether its or descend or ascend even when you are on it exactly with right barometric settings. Even pilot call outs for climbing through seems to be incorrect with what’s displayed on the PFD.

I experienced it with the Default TBM 930 (G1000 market place update) and also the developer versions of the A320NX. With and without Simbrief etc. using default world map planning too. Not sure if it’s somehow related to this but two different aircraft, different weather conditions , altitudes (low and high) and varied geo locations etc.

Even by adjusting the altimeter as suggested by ATC, or by pressing B at the time as well including STD at above transition altitudes and even in CRZ level of 36000FT.

I have to constantly increase or decrease the altitudes by 300 to 500 feet for the ATC to either give the new altitudes or stop asking to expedite.

Not sure if it’s by design, happened after the hotfix btw or if I’m doing something incorrectly- been flying this way since last August after release on PC but never had this or if this is some issue with the menu settings etc.

Happens with pilot calling out to ATC as well, under the right baro config as mentioned above the pilot calls out almost 1000 feet less than the displayed altitude. Like displays shows 6000 and pilot says is at 5000 climbing to the assigned altitude. Sometimes the pilot calls out right altitude later on saying descending to assigned during frequency changes but it seems very intermittent and random - weird behaviour.

Anyone else experience this variance of altitude even while calling out to ATC, interacting with it etc. Default ATC.

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