ATC and AI favouring the wrong end of the runway

I’ve added ATC to several scratch built airports and I always seem to get the same problem.

It doesn’t matter what direction you request or what the wind is doing, ATC and AI completely ignores the correct end of a runway no matter what and always chooses the other one.

Anyone know if there’s a way to force the ATC and AI to switch its fondness for the wrong end of runways?

Some airports only have landings in one direction and takeoffs in another but I can’t see any way to tell the system what I want.

The primary start is in the right place but other than that I can’t think of any other setting to tweak. It looks like it’s the same for many an existing airport so perhaps it’s a fundamental ATC problem.

Just a thought, did you add a runway taxiway to your airport and split it, so that one end is associated with one end of the runway, the other end the other?

That would be my first thought. I can tell you ATC is choosing ends at the airports I’ve created based on the local wind direction.

Yes. All of the taxiway system is on the money and the runway start points are too.

I’ll try playing around with wind some more but I noticed the same thing at an in sim airport today. Maybe it’s more of an innate quirk than anything I can influence myself.