ATC asking for pushback too soon

ATC asks for pushback while setting up systems. Not even have APU online or ADIRS finished and ATC is already calling for pushback.

ATC doesn’t request pushback, you do. In this case what is going on is that you are allowing your AI copilot to handle the radios and the current logic has the copilot requesting pushback as soon as you turn the radios on. I’d suggest incorporating turning off AI copilot handling radios as part of your shutdown procedure. When starting up, I would suggest only turning it back on when you are ready to taxi.

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Or just open the AI copilot controls and turn all off before you even turn on the battery. that way they don’t contact the radio before you.

Yup. You have control of your radio assigned to you AI copilot. That’s who’s calling for pushback.

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Thanks everyone, this helps.

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