ATC Assigns Wrong Runways with Wind Direction

I think many people fly without ATC at all, or fly with online networks like Vatsim. Which leaves us ingame ATC users behind a bit .

I actually do wonder, why Microsoft/Asobo is treating such a core feature of flying an aircraft so shabbily. Not only the wrong rwy assignement, but the whole ATC needs a complete rebuild. The sim has made a big step up to state of the art techniques (visually and also in the ‘backoffice’). But ATC is still in the late 90s.


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. I hadn’t touched a flight sim since FS2002/2004 so was pretty disappointed to get FS2020 and find the ATC was to all intents and purposes identical.

This game is obviously an amazing graphics engine bolted on to huge chunks of code dating back almost 20 years which is why I suspect Asobo are struggling to get it all working smoothly. I guess the 10 year project was to, module by module, drag the code kicking and screaming to modern day standards.

I hope the whole system will get completely rebuilt from the ground up and that this is why we’re not seeing them address these glaring errors as it stands.


Actually with just a few minor tweaks FS9/FSX ATC was better than MSFS in many ways.

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dito, that´s exactly what I think. ATC must get a complete overhaul


July 3,
Also in the flightplanner


Two years and not fixed :frowning:

Basic core sim stuff.

But hey spaceships…


EDDL for example:

ATIS: ILS Rwy 05L and 05R […] Landing and departing Rwy 23L and 23R.

ATC: AI Traffic landing 05L and 05R but take off Rwy 23L.

What a mess… :roll_eyes:

EDIT: It seems to be a problem with 3rd party add on.

Hey, maybe they should switch the platform to a space simulator. At least that way they wouldn’t have to fix the multiple and glaring weather issues.

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Do you also have the issue with Azure, that all other atc/radio voices (planes) are the same as the current controller voice?

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Yes, there is another thread for tis issue and its very annoying in-game. It sounds like ATC is just chatting to themselves :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I found it just this moment. Thanks.

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I have found the workaround for this is to use Little Navmap or Simberif to work out local weather and choose the starting runway for yourself from that. Then load into the aircraft using the clear skies preset. Once in the aircraft and settled use change use the weather button in overlay menu to change ot live weather,. Check the Metar and you will find it is correct. and ATC seems ot have caugt up too.
Please note this is my experience.

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