ATC assistance is re-enabled on each launch on PC

Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

Brief description of the issue:
ATC assistance is enabled on every launch. I turn it off under Assistance, and it’s back on the following launch.

Has anybody managed to fix this?

Do you mean “AI Radio Communications (ATC)” under Assistance Options → Piloting ?

I have had a number of occasions where it didn’t seem to have saved/remembered my settings but at the moment it seems to be behaving well and saves my settings as and when I change them.
I was suspicious that there might be some kind of trigger event which resets some of the settings but I haven’t found this happening for a few days now so not sure what to make of it.

It happens to me, but almost randomly. Sometimes it stays off, other times it turns itself back on. I always turn it off.

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Yes, this. It’s been happening consistently on every start on the PC. Even on a flight start (e.g. sim starts, I fix the settings, start a flight, setting is wrong again).

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Yes. There is something really janky with SU5 and the way it handles things it should be remembering.

Every start!! you are lucky … Coms were bugging me so much I had them turned off as I flew low along the Etretat chalk coast in the Toprudder Solo until an invisible wall sent me tumbling into the sea. After drying myself off and slewing back in the air I was greeted by that all too familiar voice.

The setting usually saves when you manually turn it off inside a flight session and end the flight by going back to the main menu, and exiting the sim.

Have you made any tweaks to the game files that you set to read-only perhaps?

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No, all other changes to settings save correctly (e.g. graphics, other assistance changes etc.)

Is this the UserCfg.opt file? Maybe I should try to change it manually.

I too have this bug now with SU5…not before. All of the Assistance settings default back to Easy when I start up the sim. I then change them all to what I want and save it (a mix of easy, medium and hard across the pilot, navigation, planes, ATC, etc areas you can customize)….fly a few flights and close the sim. Then when I open the sim the next time it has again defaulted all back to Easy. Very annoying and time consuming to fix it every time.

Other folk have had saving problems too so I’m guessing this could be something to do with migrating the whole sim away from the Windows drive and not just the packages

I logged my problem with zendesk and they accepted the report and then immediately closed it with no indication at all of status and said I won’t be getting any follow up. So, I feel it was a total waste of time and don’t understand the point of zendesk if they don’t ever acknowledge that they too can recreate the same bug. Should it be upvoted here perhaps if more people have this problem? Meanwhile, I have to set all of the Assistance Options every single time I start the sim, it saves none of them at all. I have logged into ms store and out of the store thinking that my profile might be bugged, but the Controller settings and Graphics settings all are saved no problem, it’s just the Assistance options that don’t save. Weird and annoying.

I made a little test with the ATC assistance setting today. Turning it off in the menu is fine, it will stay ‘off’ after restarting the sim.

If I then try a landing challenge, it switches back to ‘on’ in the Assistance Menu. This is one cause (probably not the only one) of it being re-enabled seemingly at random.

For me it started with SU5 and has persisted through to SU6.

I reported to Zendesk, #131531.