ATC (ATIS) enhancements for IFR, airliners

When you fly IFR and use the in-sim ATC, you have no option to check your destination´s ATIS until you are passed on to the final approach controller, which is way too late. The tabs for the second (and third) radio are useless since they only offer to contact the controller you are already talking to.


  • Leave second ATC tab available for getting ATIS (i. e. offer an “Airports near to you” option)
    or (even better)
  • include an option “Tune in to destination ATIS” in main tab as soon as it is in range.

Good idea. However, you can also just manually tune to your destination’s ATIS. Just dial the frequency in your radio. Frequencies are available online and in the G1000 (haven’t checked the G3000).

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True! But I´d also like to (slowly?) push ATC to being more usable. At the moment it´s pretty much as useless as it was in FSX for airliners (it actually appears to be the exact FSX ATC :thinking: )


If you’re using live weather, don’t count on ATIS to properly report cloud cover or visibility as they are seen in the sim. I have a bug ticket in for this:

That doesn’t work since most atis frequencies I tried in the last flights are wrong. Ex. KMLU 125.05 vs 125.5 (in game), especially when you venture outside the US. Not to mention Im only able to pickup atis when Im almost on top of the airport. I’ve been using actual metar instead and never touching ATC, it is not matching either, but close enough.

A big deal breaker for me is atc not handling arrivals and departures at all.

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I think another option could be a menu option asking ATC for destination weather. Since not all airports have ATIS.

Absolutely and i believe that we will get a much better ATC in the near future but at the moment most of the devs are working of the bug fixes since day 1. When those are gone, we can expect new or improved stuff.

Well it’s not a 100% copy of the old FSX ATC but yeah i think there are some similarities. But it’s nothing new that big parts of the FSX code are also in the new sim.

Should be mandatory.

I usually check the destination’s METAR/TAF on to have at least a somewhat accurate altimeter pressure I can work with when descending through the transition level.

I noticed that ATC will only tell me the pressure when I’m continously above or below the correct altitude (because of wrong altimeter setting).

Is there a reason that your wishlist item is specifically for airliners and not all aircraft with a COM2?

Airliners need to plan their descent 120 -150 miles before the airport so it´s more noticeable. But you are right, it should not hurt to have this for all airplanes!

Edit: actually airliners need to PLAN their descent some 200+ nm before the airport, start their descent 120 miles out.

I guess you could look up the ATIS frequency on a chart as in real life? Maybe Asobo could add an IFR map which include frequencies?

I think a bigger problem is the VHF range, you won’t receive the ATIS until 25/30 nm out in FS2020. From FL100 the range should be over 100 nm already.