ATC Begins Referring to My A/C as [Call Sign/Flight Number] then Starts Calling Me "Boeing" from Flight Number Entry Error

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Upon beginning my IFR flight and requesting IFR clearance, ATC refers to me appropriately. Most recently as Southwest 8139. This continues but by the time I’m handed off to departure, ATC starts calling me simply Boeing, dropping any reference to my call sign or flight number.

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Unable. Flying now on other PC.

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  1. File an IFR flight plan in the World Map (I upload mine from SimBrief import file) using an airliner (I fly the PMDG 737-800 or -900). 2) When you first contact ATC to request IFR clearance, ATC should refer to you using the supplied Call Sign (from the aircraft.cfg file, and the flight number you applied in the Customization window. 3) Begin flight following all ATC instructions. Most times this does not occur but on two random recent flights, the ATC automatically with no warning began calling me Boeing instead.

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Additional notes: On the first flight where this occurred, I had mistyped the flight number and had difficulty saving it in the customization screen, eventually having to click out of it and back to it before it would allow me to enter a number. On this current flight, I also had an entry error in that window, however, did not have to leave the screen to come back - it allowed me to remove an extra digit and appeared to save.

I think this bug may be actually a UI bug in the flight customization screen that is leading to an apparent ATC miscue. I may have it improperly labeled as such and apologize if so.

To reproduce, add the step of making an intentional error entering your flight number and trying to correct. Often, once you have clicked to accept the entry, and attempt to correct that entry is when it won’t let you - you have to get it right the first time.

I’ve edited the original report to change the bug category.


  1. Does this happen when using the in-sim flight planner?
  1. Does this happen for any first-party aircraft without mods, and if so, could you please edit your first post to state what first-party aircraft this happens with?

Any bugs reported should be reproducible without add-ons.

Is this bug repeatable reliably? In other words if you keep doing these steps it always happens? Or is it a one-off?

It happens anytime you make an error or click or backspace a certain way in the flight number field. Usually, you can predict because you’ll have been unable to save anything in the field when trying to correct. This last time it looked like it was corrected and saved.