ATC being too busy

So I’m unsure if it’s a bug or not but while approaching NZCH both Tower and Ground Frequencies were on tower, nothing including the AI could get clearances without waiting for a while for everything to clear, I was cleared to land and it took me 2 minutes to be able to respond, an AI lined up to take off only got clearance to take off as I’m about to land because of the clutter on ground.

Simple solution, rather use Vatsim or similar.

That doesn’t solve the problem at all. Vatsim is quite a step up, not to mention it doesn’t cover all of New Zealand consistently

Maybe there was a lot of activity then?
Do you have “real world flights” enabled?
To be fair, if it is a busy airport, 2 minutes is not that long to be able to reply.
YOu can turn down the AI, or just fly without it.

NZCH in real life isn’t majorly busy, regardless, when you have 1 aircraft on clearance, 2 on ground and one on tower and for some reason I can hear them all and am unable to respond to ATC because aircraft on ground and clearance are broadcasting. They should be separate frequencies and that is the problem I am having

“I can hear them all” yeah, that’s not right.

I have flown from there, without the issue though.
I’ll try again and see if I get the same crosstalk.

Nonetheless, I did ask if you have “real world flights” enabled?
It might be that there really were some real world flights there at the same time.
For example Arlanda has nothing until 16:45 and then 12 flights between then and 18:45, 5 of which depart at the same time @ 17:45. I don’t know if it’s because of covid, but flying from there with real world flights on can currently be a pain.

Like I said, try turning off AI and real-world?
NZCH has 85 flights scheduled for tomorrow, 85.
I would say that is quite a busy airport.

It’s become more of an issue for me since the latest update. What I’m finding is that the COM isn’t getting swamped with normal ATC chatter but rather annoying repetition. Multiple instructions to the same AI traffic, climb, descend, expedite. Or continuous traffic alerts to AI traffic (not to me nor about me)

I’m also finding that the ATC chatter can become so significant that either I cannot respond and occasionally lose IFR clearance because of it, or else it seems to be a contributing factor to a CTD as the system is becoming overwhelmed by my attempts to respond.

I hope Asobo can tweak the ATC, especially relating to AI traffic, so that the experience becomes more lifelike. At the moment I feel it is just making up excuses to jam the airwaves.

It does seem like this is only happening to a few people.

Which airport were you at?
Did you have more than one COM tab open?
Which aircraft were you flying?

I know the situation Ela had can happen if I leave one of the tabs on APP freq when the first is on TWR for example.

I also get issues when using the “jump to” system, it always breaks the squawk so i have to wait until I have had my IFR cancelled, then “retry with last IFR”. While annoying, it is easier to spend a cpl minutes doing that, than spend 2 hours flying @FL320 over the ocean.

Does it happen often? If so, you could try using the AI radio control, it might be easier to let that try and reply? It does sound like an AI aircraft or two was stuck, you could also try changing frequency and then changing back. I imagine that the CTD would be caused by the AI aircraft, as it would eventually cause the algorithms to be unable to complete.

Another factor that contributes to this issue is that ATC in FS speaks much slower than in real life. The older versions of FS benefited from an addon called EditVoicePack which allowed you to speed up ATC phraseology and it sounded much more realistic. You could also edit certain terms and program in ATC to read out an airport’s name instead of using the icao code.

I know FS is now using a different voice engine, but it still bugs me when waiting to respond to ATC in a busy traffic scenario. Maybe they could provide us a setting to adjust ATC phraseology speed.