ATC changed it all

Had a nice RNAV flight planned but ATC changed me to an ILS approach. Should I change or continue my plan. They did not change the runway, only changed RNAV to ILS.

id stay with your plan to be honest. I dont even use ATC anymore it’s too confused.


RNAV and ILS are different procedures.

In many instances the RNAV closely mimics, if not completely replicates the ILS. However there are just as many examples where the approach differs wildly. Also be aware that there are different minima between ILS and RNAV. They can also have you at different descent angles.

In real life, you cannot fly a different procedure than that assigned by ATC. It is often the case that you may plan a route and the IFR clearance actually assigned is different as ATC de-conflicts the airspace.

IRL, we would change to RNAV or request ILS as planned if available. Controller may accept or reject your request, workload permitting.

In the game, there is an option in the ATC window to request a different approach from Controller. That would give you the option to request ILS.


And the controller never (in my experience) says no in the sim. So you can continue with your planned approach.

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