ATC Clearance not visible in the ATC window

Lately, the ATC clearance do not show up in the ATC Window, only the pilot’s confirmation. So one have no idea of what that clearance was if you missed it by ear.


This is not a Technical Support Response

Any particular airport?

Are you on Azure TTS or Offline ATC?

Offline ATC with the flight assistant is ATC ON
No particular airport

ATC and AI starts speaking at the same time as soon as I turn on the battery.
So this happens as this moment, no other ATC messages are missing during the flight

Ah, I don’t use the AI Assistant or Co-Pilot. Does this happen if you use Azure TTS?

Is Azure TTS the same as Live Traffic? If not, where do I find this option?

No, it’s pulling the audio for ATC directly from Azure. Where you have the Offline ATC option in the menu, click through it until you see Azure. Don’t know if it will make a difference or not, but that’s the only thing I can think of to try.

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Azure TTS has been actvated all the time. No changes there.
I guess the the ATC log should reveal what the ATC i saying regardless?

This keeps happening and always and only when I turn on the batteries. After that the conversation is normal.