ATC Comm Workshop for Newbies

Progress Update: We have learned more about various airspace’s. For this Sunday, we are going to cover controlled airport procedures. All are welcome.

What: ATC Comm Workshop for Newbies
When: Started Oct 31st, Sunday (repeating weekly), 8:00a PT / 11:00p ET / 1600 UTC
Where: TeamSpeak3, connect to
Additional Info:


I’d love to have a listen but don’t use teamspeak? Why not discord?

Greetings Wilem35,

Would love to have you join. We do have a Discord server, but primarily use TeamSpeak3 for our VOIP. It best suits our needs for us, our citizens, and our community of gaming groups.

Feel free to join us and attend. We also have several other events going plus the individual communities have theirs. If you have any issues, just PM me and we can get you all set up.


Sounds stubborn to me lol

Not sure what you mean, but feel free to PM me to get set up. We have a great deal of fun at DTP.


He may believe you’re stubborn when you’re the only one on the calendar promoting TS. Discord is where the new simmers are heading due to the community and video streaming. I get that you’re heavily invested in TS, but you may have better luck maintaining your community by making the switch sooner then later.

Ahh got it… Thanks for the clarification. I see the confusion now.

For all those interested, we use both! Although TS is our primary method of comm for the various groups that exist there, please feel free to use either one! More information at

See you in the skies and we welcome all for any of our events. Wilem35 and KaiserKurt, we hope to fly with you soon!