ATC Comms and AI traffic are rubbish

I just did a 32 minute flight and decided to add AI traffic. Switched to flight following after departure. In roughly 20 minutes of being on Centre frequency they made 41 transmissions of “… please expedite your climb to…” to various AI aircraft. It was just ridiculous. ATC never uses that phrase unless it’s for separation - and we know MSFS doesn’t separate for nuts. Please just get rid of it - it serves no purpose.

And please fix ATC and the AI traffic before worrying about more fancy-pants graphics updates. AI traffic is just the same basic flight repeated over and over as far as I can tell and often they just end up conflicting with each other. Oh and btw ATC don’t give traffic on aircraft unless they are outside control area and within 2000 feet of each other. If you have a clearance you should be getting separated from other aircraft and would only get traffic then if something has gone wrong!

More ATC/AI bugbears

  • ATC Runway in use often exceeds the normal wind parameters. No one wants to land or takeoff with a 15+ knot tailwind! Even noise abatement has it limits.
  • ATC assigning levels way above what you’ve planned and can’t possibly reach due to aircraft performance. You plan a level in your route for a reason!
  • ATC gives you an instruction and then immediately tells another aircraft an instruction without waiting for your response - doesn’t happen in the real world.
  • Pilots should be able to nominate any runway for departure or landing for operational reasons - this does happen in the real world.
  • Just tell me once to “Exit at next taxiway”. Yeah I got it the first time already.

Generally I don’t fly with ATC or AI traffic much anymore because it is so incredibly poor. It’s a shame cos the MSFS world is very empty without it.

I get the same with offline AI, constant please expedite your climb blah blah blah over and over again.
It’s really annoying and makes it difficult to reply to ATC on the rare occasion that they talk to me.
I’v tried using Live AI traffic but the ATC doesn’t seem to talk to them at all even though I can clearly see AI planes on the VFR Map.


I notice if I climb at 500 or 600 fpm then I get nagged to hurry up. If I climb at 700 fpm or greater they stop nagging me. Same with descending. If they nag then I increase my rate and they stop nagging. They must have some minimums and if you’re not above them then it nags. But the minimums are unrealistic I think.

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ATC needs to expedite departures higher sooner after departure. Most jet traffic departures are cleared higher sooner rather than later especially at high density airports.

Sometimes it may have something to do with the barometer system. If you press ‘B’ on your keyboard, you’ll find that the altitude will correct itself. In reality, the pilots are told to reset their barometer if the altitude indicator reads the wrong altitude.

Yes. I wanted to clarify that all those calls were made to AI traffic. None were made to me. So the AI planes are obviously climbing “too slowly” for the game parameters. They should just remove it completely. Serves no purpose.

FS2020 ATC is indeed appalling and has been since day 1. Personally I turn it off completely in the options menu and use Pilot2ATC. Of course it’s more cost but you can try the add-on completely free for 10 days. This is just one example, and there are many others described throughout the Forum, indicating Asobo have no interest in resolving bugs of most concern to the true flight sim enthusiast. Instead their priority is in chasing the very lucrative Xbox market and the shallow features it demands. It’s really such a shame.

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Yes, I have the same problem, all since the last updates, I counted the “ATC expedites” on one 35min flight and I got to well over 65.
The ATC is a total disaster, utter tripe, but guess what? we have a World update of Austria, Germany & Switzerland… who honesty gives a s%$£e about world updates, Asobo wreck the Controls Options, and now we get ATC Spam every flight, you cant even have your own call sign because it won’t save, is there anything else they can F&$% up with these so-called updates.

The ATC is ruining the Simulation experience so now we have to turn it off …F&^%$ing great!


Purists with more experience of civil aviation simulation than I have will probably say “it’s always been broken” but in fairness when j installed around December 2020 it seemed a bit better at least than it is now.

There were things “not quite right” that even I noticed back then but it seemed like there was at least a lot more interaction etc.

These days I visit a lot of airfields where the dialogue options that used to exist are basically gone or it’s a gamble whether they show up at all.

If you’ve ever listened to any IRL busy ATC frequencies, you would might hear a lot of repetitive commands and conversations, climb, descend, turn, change to… over and over without many breaks. One big difference between IRL ATC and MSFS ATC is that IRL ATC controllers and most pilots speak about 4x faster than MSFS ATC.

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agree, but the ATC repeating exactly the same command constantly would never happen, I will get a screengrab next time it happens.
If all the commands were relevant you could not complain but these are constant repeats of the same command, it drives you nuts and puts you right off the Sim.

Yes, it has been " OK " and usable which was fine, as we expect it would be addressed soon but it has taken a few retro steps lately to the point of annoying.

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Yes I agree. When I first started playing the game last year and using AI traffic there were actually aircraft that would taxi for departure around the same time as you did and there might be one in the circuit and another couple on various inbound tracks. Now you either get absolutely no traffic at all or weird multiples of the same aircraft all trying to conflict with each other.

I keep seeing AI aircraft start taxiing out and then they inexplicably end up at around a 30 degree bank angle with a wing stuck in the ground and can’t move any further. I have multiple screenshots of this.

I’d prefer they spent a couple months fixing all the niggling issues that a lot are complaining about before they release further worls updates. Like aircraft performance, incorrect airfield data, traffic and ATC.

One bright light is the excellent G1000 Nxi which has improved leaps and bounds in my opinion. Just wish there was a useful tutorial or user guide to help explain it better.

Amen to all of this. Given the complete lack of real-world traffic in the last few days i turned AI traffic back on today for a flight and my gosh did i immediately regret it. Absolute nonsense. My entire flight was constant chatter about expediting climbs. Agree with you they should just remove that logic altogether.

Better still employ or partner with people who actually understand how ATC works.

No doubt for me that the default game ATC is probably the worst part of this game. And there are a lot of bad things about this game.

I too experience crazy ATC calls even when doing short 20 min flights in Airbus32neo.

Example, flying from Cleveland to Toledo Express at night and then out of nowhere ATC says Airbus 320 please expidite your climb to FL180 then again Decend to 8,000ft.

I requested a lower cruising altitude and it says, Airbus 320 Climb and maintain FL180. Expect 6,000ft (what the heck).

This has happened on numerous other flights as well and its out of control. Not sure if its been fixed in the recent updates but I still experience it.
I also select Low Altitude Airways when creating the flight plan so why is it wanting me to climb to 18,000 ft .

PS: I just plotted the same flight plan and as soon as I take off the ATC instructs me to climb and maintain FL180 before I even get to 5000 ft. Surely to heck they dont want me to climb to 18,000 ft, because as soon as you do (if you do) they tell you to climb back down to some ridiculous low altitude. ATC sucks and is very annoying. Please fix as this happens every time flying the above mentioned route, as too various other ones.

Here are a couple of pics as examples.

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This happened to me a few days ago flying over London. Just thought I’d put it in as a laugh.

Looks like the UK Covid Cops getting a better viewing position over who is wearing a mask or not :rofl:

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Live weather and ATIS has active runway with a 28 knot downwind component… Needless to say I landed on RWY 34 without a clearance.

So ATIS says ILS RWY 10 is in use so therefore logically RWY28 is the landing and departing runway?!?! What the??