ATC Communications On Approach

Good evening forum,

So far I have only flown out of and into small local / regional airports which are unmanned. I am assuming this is why I see the behaviour I do out of ATC but want to confirm.

I file my IFR flight plan and get my clearance and everythins is good. I am then handed over to Toronto Centre who controls the airspace and They get me to the point where I’m so many miles out from my destination and give me my approach and clearance.

At that point, that about ends it. I have the option to announce missed approach to the control, or tune to local traffic and call out my positions.

When I watch youtube tutorials they get talked to all the way down for clearances, told where to taxi when landing etc.

Is that the difference between a controlled and uncontrolled airport? or am I missing / doing something wrong?

If that is the way it works, once I am given my clearance do I then switch to the traffic frequency and call out my positions?

Thanks in advance.

Basically, you are correct. You’ll need to set your destination to an airport that has a tower for controller instructed landing, to say it simply. Atc is still a little buggy, so if it seems wierd sometimes it probably is and it’s not you… For now, pick a larger airport to help experience that type of landing.

Msfs is missing many airports that should be controlled at this time, so don’t get disheartened if you pick an airport that should have a controller, but doesn’t. Keep doing what your doing! Have fun! There are thousands of great informative sites to find out there.

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