ATC Control

Is there any way to assign ATC response choices to joystick buttons? Would make that so much easier even if it was just for the first response rather than dealing with the ATC window and mouse ordeal.

just thinking out loud… could you assign the number keys from the keyboard to buttons? I have a button on my yoke assigned to be the same as hitting Alt+0 to give me a re-centered pilots view from any current camera position. Then you just need to see the list of possible answers to responses

This is probably the one thing in FS2020 I was the most comfortable with using the keyboard directly while wearing the headset, because it is very easy to quickly locate the numeric keys on the keyboard starting from the ESC key. Most others are not as easy to quickly locate (to me) except maybe CTRL+TAB, the arrow keys and “PAUSE BREAK” :smiley:

I have a button assigned to first atc response in the list - allows me to easily acknowledge instructions without opening atc window.

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@J1mb0G5751, What event did you assign this to in the fs2020 controls config? I couldnt find anything appropriate?

Is there a way to assign a keyboard key to a joystick button in fs2020 or do you have to do that in outside app like joystick gremlin?

ATC Panel Choice 1. You can configure 1 through to 9.

I use Voice Attack so I just say “Set One” which will select item one on the ATC window.

I can select any number on the ATC window just using my voice.

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I also use VoiceAttack and it can be an effective way of overcoming some of the shortcomings of not being able to use your keyboard easily whilst wearing a HMD. Particularly for functions that are perhaps more sim based than aircraft/flying, e.g. changing views, re-centring VR.

I would in time we will actually have voice activated ATC in flight sims certainly the technology is pretty much there for it, implementation of it probably not so easy, but one day…


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