ATC doesn't select the runway correctly, and ATIS doesn't seem to have the right runways

You can see in the screenshot that wind is 163 at 9 and ATIS for the airport is advising that runways 18 and 18L are in use with visual approach. Firstly these runways don’t exist at LFLL, where I am tuned in for ATIS. And the second issue is that when asking ATC to come in for full stop landing, it directed me to runway 35L where I would have almost 9 knots tailwind. That seems like an odd runway selection.

Would love to see ATC do this correctly.

I think that this is not ATC related … but the game engine “picks” the runway and ATC just reports it.

It might seem like a little detail but I think in matters, as it might help to narrow down the place where this bug is originating.

Recently I notices on a number of small airfields a similar problem. When I pick that airfield as my departure location I get placed on the default “start” location on the runway. But when I “zoom in” to “double-check” … I often find myself launching with the (strong) wind coming right from my back.

Here is one example from today (SDDR, Brazil)

once in the game I “double-check” the wind indicator near the runway if the “real” wind direction matches the displayed information … and they do match …

So it seems like the algorithm picking the locations is not correctly taking the wind direction into account.

(PS … minor note … the “Km/h” spelling could also be adjusted … “kilo” is always a small “k”)