ATC don't recognise correct height for AI aircraft

ATC keeps telling AI offline traffic to expedite climb or descent endlessly. Started with SU5.

I am experiencing this same issue. I also am also experiencing an issue where the ATC is no longer audible. If I have the co-pilot assist on to handle communications for me, my co-pilot assist seems to randomly respond to ATC commands that I never heard in the first place. I also do not see the text of the command in the ATC dialogue box.

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Yes! This! One fix could be to just remove all “expedite” calls for AI aircraft. It is annoying to the point I now fly without any AI aircraft, which is a bummer.

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Did a quick test with offline AI after SU6 and this looks like it might be fixed (somewhat)?

It was a short trip, and the center frequency was still rather busy and there was the occasional “generic xy, please expedite your climb/descent” calls. But it wasn’t non-stop and I was able to get my responses in.

I mean, ATC is still far from fully working. AI aircraft rarely respond, or do so minutes later. ATC never waits for any response and just fires any other pending communication immediately without leaving time for anyone to respond. But at least now there are gaps from time to time, the ATC requests are not totally repetitive and the communication is working to a degree where I can consider leaving (offline) AI traffic on.

I will do another test today or tomorrow to see whether I just got lucky on that trip or if this was improved in SU6.

The bug is still there.

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Yep still there and super annoying.

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Yeah, that would be great to just ignore those expedite climb calls somehow.

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